How Ball Flight Aides in Proper Club Fitting

At 2nd Swing, we use state-of-the-art technology in each of our fitting bays. Our Foresight GC2 launch monitors capture critical data such as ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance and many other swing metrics. This data is carefully reviewed by our club fitting experts to understand your unique swing dynamics. Based on the data collected from this technology, we can recommend golf equipment to help improve your game and custom fit each club to your unique swing.

  • Trajectory
    Trajectory refers to the launch angle and "shape" of the flight of the golf ball. Regardless of the type of club, the trajectory of the golf ball can indicate whether or not the golf club's loft and shaft flex are properly matched to the golfer's swing speed. No matter what your skill level, you have an optimal trajectory. Our expert club fitters will assist you in custom fitting your equipment to hit your optimal trajectory.
  • Descending Ball Flight
    The descending ball flight is the angle at which the ball strikes the ground. A lower ball-landing angle will result in greater bounce and roll. It is an important factor in the total distance the ball travels. Our expert fitters carefully match the correct descending angle to complement your unique swing and maximize your on-course performance.
  • Carry Distance
    Carry distance measures how far the ball travels before hitting the ground. Increasing your carry distance will result in lower scores because you are hitting shorter irons into the green.
  • Total Distance
    Total distance is a combination of descending ball flight and carry distance. Total distance is impacted by many of your unique swing dynamics including swing speed, angle of attack, trajectory and spin. Our expert fitters help you understand the launch monitor data and identify the golf club that produces the best fitting and on-course results.

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