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Shop used Carbite putters from 2nd Swing's fantastic online selection and trade in your used clubs to get a great deal. Select putters below to browse availabe models, or learn more about Carbite below. Founded in 1988, Carbite Golf set out with the mission of producing game-improvement golf clubs by utilizing the most advanced materials technology. Carbite Golf is best known for their innovative putters. Carbite broke into the golf industry with their patented Polar Balanced Technology. This technology combines heavy tungsten at the heel and toe with lighter materials in the putter head to produce more consistent putts. In addition to their Polar Balanced technology, Carbite Golf uses hundreds of little brass ball inserts in their putters to produce a softer feel and a truer roll.Many of these putters have been popular models chosen by players nationwide. Carbite Putters have provide feel and performance, which is why numerous touring pros have chosen to put them in their bag.