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Wilson Staff Duo Pro Green Golf Balls (DUO PRO G NEW BALL)

Starting At $34.99

Product Details

ModelDuo Pro Green
Product Price 34.99
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As low as $34.99
Wilson Duo Pro Green Ball

Who’s It For?

Wilson Staff has made a name for itself by producing high-performance, low-compression premium golf balls. The Duo Pro golf balls are another name on a long list of such products, featuring an extremely small compression number without sacrificing spin, thanks to a redesigned cover. This golf ball is engineered primarily for mid- to low-handicap players searching for a soft-feeling golf ball.


The Tech Story

The Duo Pro golf balls from Wilson Staff are some of the softest Urethane-covered golf balls on the market, featuring a low compression number of 60. Generally speaking, golf balls with compression numbers that low tend to sacrifice spin for golfers who demand stopping power on the greens. However, Wilson Staff believes it has instituted a formula that provides soft feel and strong spin characteristics in one golf ball thanks to a redesigned Urethane cover. The new cover is about 40 percent thinner, going from .04 inches thick to .025 inches thick, while the mantle layer is slightly firmer to create more pinch on iron and wedge shots, resulting in more spin and more stopping power.


Facts and Figures

  • Construction: 2-piece
  • Cover: Urethane
  • Compression: 60
  • Dimple Number: 362
  • Color Options: White, Matte Yellow, Matte Green, Matte Orange


Get Fit

With all of the emphasis on getting the right fit for your golf clubs, it is equally important to get fit for the right golf ball. The award-winning fitting staff at 2nd Swing can find the golf ball that’s best for your unique swing. For fitting questions, please call 612-216-4152, and for more information about 2nd Swing’s custom fitting services, locations, and staff, click here (http://fitting.2ndswing.info/).