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Titleist TSi3 Hybrid

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    Titleist TSi3 Hybrid
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Who’s It For?

Titleist’s new line of 2021 TSi hybrids all feature a number of major technological advancements, but each individual model was designed with a different type of golfer in mind. The TSi3 is distinct from the TSi1 and TSi2 in that it sports a much squarer, compact clubhead. This iron-like profile complements the TSi3’s workability and lower-launching properties, making it optimal for low handicap golfers who tend to hit down on the ball.

The Tech Story

The Titleist TSi3 Hybrid is designed to mimic the performance and aesthetic of a long iron, only with a whole lot more forgiveness packed into the clubhead. The TSi3 features a newly-thinned-out clubface that delivers faster ball speeds and increased performance on off-center strikes. Also, thanks to the club’s new Optimized Weight Distribution, the TSi3 Hybrd’s center of gravity has been lowered to optimize launch and decrease spin. This combination gives golfers the chance to generate speed without sacrificing stability. As the TSi3 Hybrid is fitted with Titleist’s patented SureFit hosel, the club boasts 16 independent loft and lie settings along with headweight adjustability, making it a highly customizable weapon. The TSi3 also features SureFit CG Track Technology, which allows for further customization of the hybrid’s CG and ball flight.

Facts and Figures

Available Lofts: 18 and 20 degrees

Stock Shafts: Variety of Shafts

Stock Grip: Golf Pride TV 360

Headcover Included

Get Fit

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