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Tour Edge Exotics C722 Ti-Utility Hybrid

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    Tour Edge Exotics C722 Ti-Utility Hybrid
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Who’s It For?

The Tour Edge Exotics 722 line provides exceptional performance that covers every type of golfer. The Exotics C722 clubs are designed with better players in mind, or perhaps players with faster swing speeds. Specifically, the C722 clubs are designed to help lower spin and launch while also promoting the workability skilled players are looking for, including the C722 Ti-Utility. The C722 Ti-Utility will be best for higher-speed golfers seeking a transition club between their irons and fairway wood(s) that is workable and lower launching.

The Tech Story

The Tour Edge Exotics C722 Ti-Utility is powered by a Beta Ti L-Cup Face, which wraps around the leading edge and acts as a hinge that provides maximum power and ball speed. Zero-Weld Technology reduces weight on the face and optimizes the center of gravity for ideal launch and ball flight. Meanwhile, the hollow body design adds perimeter weighting and face flexing for extreme forgiveness and ball speed. Plus, an adjustable weight in the low portion of the club allows players to tune the Ti-Utiltiy at high detail. The compact shape provides a low, workable ball flight that will also appeal to better players.

Facts and Figures

2: 17°, 39.75”, 59° lie angle

3: 19°, 39.25”, 59.5° lie angle

4: 22°, 38.75”, 60° lie angle

5: 25°, 38.25”, 60.5° lie angle

Stock Shafts: Fujikura Ventus Blue, Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Blue & White

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