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Ping i525 Single Iron

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    Ping i525 Single Iron
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Who’s It For?

The PING i525 irons are designed to deliver explosive distance in a compact, players-style design. By adding a new ballistic face design and perimeter weighting, PING has developed an iron that will benefit thousands of golfers seeking that sweet combination of distance, forgiveness, and workability. Overall, the i525 irons will fit a wide range of handicaps and skill levels. Additionally, the low-spinning nature of the i525 irons will help golfers who generate too much spin or have a steep attack angle.

The Tech Story

PING incorporated new innovations in combination with some prior technologies to create the i525 irons. The ballistic face, which consists of a variable-thickness, maraging steel, allows for more face flexing to launch shots faster and higher consistently. PING also implemented an EVA polymer in precisely-controlled amounts in every iron to provide a pleasing sound and feel. The Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish not only looks fantastic, but also repels water to ensure performance is consistent regardless of the conditions. The MicroMax groove design, introduced in the i59 irons, features tighter spacing that results in an average of four extra grooves. This reduces the tendency of fliers and preserves spin to increase consistency and control. And lastly, PING added perimeter weighting to improve clubhead stability without sacrificing ball speed. 

Facts and Figures

Category: Players-Distance

Stock Set Configuration: 4-PW

Stock Shafts: Project X IO, UST Recoil ES 780 SMAC, Alta CB Slate

Power Spec (stronger lofts) and Retro Spec (weaker lofts) available

3-iron: 39 ½”, 18° loft, 60° lie angle, 0.19” offset, 5° bounce

4-iron: 38 ?”, 21° loft, 60.5° lie angle, 0.16” offset, 6° bounce

5-iron: 38 ¼”, 24° loft, 61° lie angle, 0.13” offset, 7° bounce

6-iron: 37 ?”, 27° loft, 61.5° lie angle, 0.11” offset, 8° bounce

7-iron: 37”, 30.5° loft, 62.0° lie angle, 0.08” offset, 9° bounce

8-iron: 36 ½”, 35° loft, 62.8° lie angle, 0.06” offset, 10° bounce

9-iron: 36”, 40° loft, 63.5° lie angle, 0.04” offset, 11.5° bounce

PW: 35 ½”, 45° loft, 64.1° lie angle, 0.02” offset, 13.0° bounce

UW: 35 ½”, 50° loft, 64.1° lie angle, 0.02” offset, 13.0° bounce

Swing Weight: D0 (3-8), D0.5 (9), D2 (PW, UW)

Get Fit

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