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Cleveland RTX ZipCore Black Satin Wedge

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Who’s It For?

Cleveland Golf has built a strong reputation based on its impressive innovation of wedge design and technology over the past several decades. With the new RTX ZipCore wedges, Cleveland has built from the inside-out to present a design that delivers in both performance and appearance. There are three different sole grinds to choose from with the RTX ZipCore wedges. The Low Sole has six degrees of bounce and includes a c-shaped grind with relief on the heel, toe, and trailing edge for superior versatility. It’s best suited for players with a medium or shallow angle of attack or players that like to open the face of the wedge around the greens. The Mid Sole has 10 degrees of bounce and is v-shaped and cuts smoothly through the turf and is best designed for full swings, but also provides some performance with an open face around the greens. It’s best for golfers with a neutral or steep angle of attack. And finally, the Full Sole has 12 degrees of bounce and is a classic design that adds extra bounce as you open the face, great for bunker shots or shots from thick rough. This sole is also great for full swings for golfers that have a steep angle of attack.

The Tech Story

As mentioned previously, Cleveland designed the RTX ZipCore wedges from the inside-out. But what does that mean? It means the steel at the heart of past RTX wedge models has been replaced what Cleveland calls an extremely lightweight yet strong material. This unique core provided Cleveland engineers with new design freedom to change shape and weighting to improve high-low MOI and increasing the sweet spot area. The new UltiZip grooves are also designed 11 percent sharper, 7.3 percent deeper, and 7.4 percent closer together. The result is 7.2 percent more groove contact on every shot and two extra grooves per clubface. This combination of enhancements creates maximum spin performance and short game control for golfers. The RTX ZipCore wedges also have an extended lifetime thanks to a new heat treatment to boost durability and maintain spin performance after more use than previous wedges. Lastly, the RTX ZipCore wedges come standard with the new True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner Tour Issue shaft to provide the wedge feel demanded by the best.

Facts and Figures

  • Available Lofts (Low Sole): 56, 58, 60, 62 degrees
  • Available Lofts (Mid Sole): 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62 degrees
  • Available Lofts (Full Sole): 54, 56, 58, 60 degrees
  • All options available in right- and left-handed
  • Swing Weight: D3 (46-48 degrees), D4 (50-52 degrees), D5 (54-60 degrees)
  • Lie Angle: 64 degrees
  • Stock Lengths: 35 ? inches (46-48 degrees), 35 7/16 inches (50-52 degrees), 35 3/16 inches (54-56 degrees), 34 ? inches (58-62 degrees)

Get Fit

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