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    Mizuno S23 Copper Cobalt Wedge
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Who’s It For?

Mizuno might be the brand most closely associated with producing spectacular forged irons year in and year out. But it’s important we don’t dismiss Mizuno’s forged wedges as well. The Mizuno S23 wedges deliver a forged wedge design that offers superb spin and control through a number of technologies, appealing to a wide range of players but especially golfers seeking ultimate short game performance and feel.

The Tech Story

The Mizuno S23 wedges deliver incredible spin through several technologies, but we’ll start on the clubface with the Quad-Cut grooves. Mizuno’s CNC Milled grooves are optimized depending on the loft, so that the stronger lofted wedges are designed for more full shots, while the weaker lofted wedges are designed for more control and spin on short game shots. The HydroFlow Micro Grooves are laser etched in between larger grooves to release moisture at impact, improving performance in wet conditions. Soft feel is provided by Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging process from soft 1025 boron, while a pleasing profile is delivered through a perfect blend of tear drop and round address shapes. The S23 wedges are available in two finishes (Satin Brush Chrome and Copper Cobalt) and are available in a variety of grinds and bounces.

Facts and Figures

Available Lofts: 46, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60

Available Grinds: S (mid bounce), D (mid-high bounce), C (low bounce), X (very low bounce)

Lie Angle: 63 degrees

Standard Length: 35.5” (46 degree), 35.25” (50-60 degrees)

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