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Heavy Putter Golf Clubs

Shop used Heavy Putter golf clubs from 2nd Swing's fantastic online selection and trade in your used clubs to get a great deal. Select putters below to browse availabe models, or learn more about Heavy Putter below. The Heavy Putter, developed by mechanical engineer Stephen Boccieri, is one of the most rigorously designed and tested putters on the market. Boccieri began Boccieri Golf in 2004, translating his knowledge of physics and engineering to the golf industry to produce a lineup of putters that appeal to PGA Tour professionals and amateurs alike.The revolutionary design of the Heavy Putter draws on the innovations of classic putters and incorporates the perimeter-weighted, sweet spot enlarging performance elements to bring putting technology further than ever before. The Heavy Putter’s weighting and balance help golfers, for the first time, to improve not just their roll but their overall consistency and feel on the greens. These are literally training aids that are designed to be used during a regular round of play. Another unique feature of the Heavy Putter is its high balance point, leads to a more consistent release through impact. to promote a smoother stroke, more solid contact and better distance control. Heavy Putters are also designed with a back-weighting system that adds weight to the grip end of the putter. 2nd Swing offers a great selection of Heavy Putters, nearly all of which come with a matching head cover. In addition, you can try before you buy at our state-of-the-art putter fitting studio, which can tell you what length and style of putter you need to optimize your stroke.