Buy used Lynx golf clubs from 2nd Swing and get a great deal when you trade in your used clubs. Browse by club type, and learn more about Lynx below. Since its inception in 1971, Lynx Golf has consistently provided golfers with the finest equipment and gear, outfitting players of all skill levels. Lynx Golf made its way on the scene with the introduction of the Boom Boom Driver. The Driver’s name derives from the nickname of Fred Couples, who was instrumental in getting the Lynx name on the map. Couples was given the nickname “Boom Boom” because of his long drives off the tee. In addition to being one of the longest drivers at the time, it also had an oversized head that increased the sweet spot and made the club more forgiving. Lynx then released its Predator line of woods and irons that have been in the bags of many top players around the world. Lynx continues to use innovation as a tool for success as they generate high quality golf clubs. Check out 2nd Swing's selection of used Lynx golf clubs below!