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Bushnell Pro XE Golf GPS & Rangefinders (PRO XE NEW RF)

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Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder

Who’s It For?

Bushnell has quickly become a powerhouse in the golf technology market as a premier manufacturer of rangefinders with pinpoint accuracy. Over the years, Bushnell has added several technologies to enhance the accuracy and convenience of its products. Its latest rangefinder, the Pro XE, can now factor air pressure and weather into the equation to dial in any distance with conditions accounted for. The Bushnell Pro XE is simply for any golfer who wishes to have more precise yardages at his or her fingertips.


The Tech Story

When Bushnell introduced Slope technology to its products in 2015, it completely changed the rangefinder game. It was no longer enough to just provide the accurate distance to the hole. The Bushnell Pro XE rangefinder, new for 2019, takes the ability of Slope technology to account for other factors to another level. The Pro XE includes the Elements feature, which calculates temperature and air pressure in addition to the Slope feature to provide an accurate compensated distance to the target. For example, the same shot on a summer day in the mountains will produce a much lower yardage number to the target than if the shot was played in late fall below sea level. Of course, Bushnell made it easy for users to flip these features on and off as well to conform to tournament rules. Furthermore, the Pro XE includes enhanced magnification and readability so that, when scoped in, a clearer image of the target is show. The rangefinder will vibrate and a bright red circle with flash to indicate it has locked in on the target. Convenience has also been improved thanks to a strong magnet placed on the side of the rangefinder so that it can be stuck on any metal surface on a golf cart.