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The 2nd Swing Way

2nd Swing's reputation as a top fitter in the country has been earned by endless effort to improve our fitting environment and technology complimented by certified fitters who are trained by the same people who fit tour professionals. As a result, 2nd Swing offers the most precise custom-fitting experience in golf. Our award winning fitting process is proven to ensure you get the proper clubs to fit your game. Our fitters will analyze your swing, identify how the golf ball responds off the club face by measuring ball speed, launch angle, spin and dispersion. By having the best technology in the world, our fitters are able to fit you into the proper length, lie, loft, shaft and club head. See a 2nd Swing associate to determine which level of fitting best suits your game.


The initial interview is a very important part of the fitting process. The fitter should identify the golfer’s current and desired ball flight, as well as his or her needs and preferences from a new set of irons.

Static Measurement

The golfer’s height, wrist-to-floor measurement, average 7-iron carry distance and hand dimensions are used with the PING Color Code Chart, Ping Shaft Selection Chart and the PING Grip Chart to establish starting points for the fitting.

Dynamic Swing Test

During this stage, the golfer hits balls from an impact board with impact tape on the sole of the club. By evaluating the marks left on the impact tape, the fitter will better understand how the golfer’s setup and swing affect the position of the club head at impact.

Analyzing Ball Flight

Analyzing ball flight is the most important stage in the fitting process. This stage will determine the combination of Color Code (lie angle), club length, shaft type and flex, model and grip size that will give the golfer the best opportunity to achieve his or her desired results.

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Fitting Experience

Get fit using the latest technology while working with master fitters, all in the comfort and privacy of your own fitting bay.

Master Fitters

Our master fitters measure every nuance of your entire swing to give you the most accurate data and help make the best fitting decision possible.



Our fitting bays provide privacy, comfort and state-of-the-art technology. We measure and analyze your swing, in full 3D, because accuracy matters!


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Award Winning Fitting Services

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Fitting Analysis
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3D Club Analysis
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Identify appropriate clubs based on players tendencies
Find correct shaft length, flex and lofts
Lie Angle
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Clubhead Speed
Ball Speed
Launch Angle
Spin Rate
Carry/Total Distance
Full Swing Path
Impact Location
Shaft Deflection/Droop
Face Heading
In/Out Path
Loft (Dynamic/Impact)
Angle of Attack
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