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Enter any of the forms below for your chance to be selected to purchase limited edition clubs through 2nd Swing!

These clubs are very rare and hard to get your hands on. We have been allocated limited quantities and want to give all customers a chance to purchase the club(s) of their dreams!

We will randomly choose customers based on the number of products we have available. Once selected the winners of the lottery will be given the opportunity to purchase these limited clubs!

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Goodwood Ornament '21 Holiday Putter | MannKrafted '21 Holiday Putter | Scotty Cameron My Girl Putter

Ornament '21 Holiday Putter

Designed and handmade by Goodwood Owner David Frisch, only ten of these numbered custom putters were produced

Milled from 303 Stainless Steel, the Ornament 21 boasts an elegant PING Anser 2-style head shape

With its stunning holiday- inspired design, this gorgeous putter comes at just the right time for golf lovers everywhere

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'21 Holiday Putter

Handmade by famed putter designer Lamont Mann, who created just ten of these custom holiday-edition flatsticks

Featuring a holiday-inspired aesthetic, a double-bend shaft, and face milling pattern, the MannKrafted `21 Holiday Putter’s design is one of the year’s most unique

Built using 303 Stainless Stainless Steel, this putter boasts exceptional levels of feel and responsiveness

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2021 My Girl Limited Putter
Scotty Cameron

Scotty’s tradition of offering a limited release putter inspired by his own girls continues with the unveiling of his 20th My Girl, an all-new Phantom X 7 design elegantly outfitted in a Tour Black finish with pops of Scotty Blue paintfill, a Tour black shaft and more. This compact wingback mallet, with its refined styling and unique design, is extra easy on the eyes, but also 100% made to play.

An engraved bow serves as a sight dot while two raised flange sight lines accented in Scotty Blue provide the visual cues for rock solid setup. Scotty’s familiar three-dot design expresses the My Girl aesthetic for a performance packed putter with a single bend shaft and a solid milled stainless steel head integrated with an aluminum flange/sole component. Always one to give his My Girl creations extra attention, Scotty crafted a new precision milled SSS shaft ring that’s been hand-painted to match the lettering of this special model’s smooth Pistolero Plus grip and matching My Girl headcover.

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