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Buy used Yesputters and save on your purchase when you trade in your used clubs. Select putters below to browse availabe models, or learn more about Yes below. Yes! Putters have emerged on the golf scene rapidly in the past couple years. After being acquired by Adams golf in January 2011, Yes! Putters are seeing rapid sales growth. With their focus on new putter technologies, Yes! putters have turned themselves into an established name on the green. With new innovations such as their C-Groove technology, Yes! has taken the golf tour by storm. Yes! Putters, with the C-Groove technology, are being played on every major tour in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia. The secret behind this C-Groove technology is the 20-degree slant of the groove’s edges. These edges allow the putter to grip the ball and lift it forward on contact, creating more stabilization, allowing for the ball to roll at a faster pace than the average putter does.