Zevo Golf Clubs

Shop used Zevo golf clubs and save on your purchase when you trade in your used clubs. Browse by club type, and learn more about Zevo below. Zevo Golf has been a long-standing pillar of the golf equipment industry, most notably in the area of the research and design of affordable, progressive golf clubs. The Zevo Golf manufacturing facility boasts 123,000 square feet with a huge testing area as well as a 10-acre course and seven USGA-regulation greens. From this facility, Zevo Golf has made many innovations in the golf club industry. In 2002, the company introduced its Zevo Compressor, a machine that decreases the volume of gas in the clubhead through the application of pressure. This keeps the clubhead in a constant state of high tension, which increases its strength by 50 percent. The same year Zevo released its Zevo Compressor Driver, which required the use of the Zevo Compressor machine for its production, Golfsmith acquired Zevo Golf.