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2nd Swing Minnetonka

I don’t write reviews, so you need to read this. I haven’t broke 80 for over a year. I’ve never went through a fitting, I just buy forged blades I see on Tour and X-Stiff shafts as if I was still in College. I’m 44, recent new Dad, do not play or exercise enough…time for change I finally admitted to myself I should take advantage of the resources at 2nd Swing. I went through a full analysis and ended up with the exact opposite bag setup than I came into the store with. Ping Karsten irons, stiff shafts. Next day I shot 76 back tees at Troy Burne in a little breeze and following day 64 at Dwan. The only change was my equipment, ridiculous. I can’t recommend enough to leave your ego at the door, go have the guys at 2nd Swing walk you through an analysis, and you will be headed in the right direction the minute you leave the store. And you don't need all day to do this, I was in and out in 45 minutes. If only they had Psychologist on Staff to address the rest of the game between my ears!
Scott S
I met the 2nd swing guys at the Golf show in 2013. I got fitted for some Mizuno MP64s, and had such a good experience, that I finished the set with a 3 wood and a pair of wedges. I ended up exchanging one of the used 3 woods I got from them for another one, and that helped a lot! Then when my dad retried, I brought him all the way up there to get fitted too. As a 14 handicap, I expected he'd be landed in a nice Ping set, but he ended up getting his favorite Taylormade brand after he tried everything. A great crew to work with, and they literally can get anything, including top end putters!
Paul Thompson
Last year Aaron Roth fitted me for a new putter. I was so impressed with the level of knowledge and professionalism displayed by Aaron and the improvement in my putting confidence increased dramatically. The experience was so impressive I just returned to be fitted for a new driver. He was able to improve my launch angle and spin rate specific to my ball speed with the new driver compared to my old driver in 30 minutes. After the first round this year, I noticed a dramatic improvement in distance and accuracy. Have recommended Aaron to all my friends and will continue to refer people. Club Fitting is a must to maximize your playing potential!
Andy Sacchetti
Recently, I got fitted for some new PINGS. I had a great time trying out several different club options before I decided on PINGS. Aaron Roth gave me some great advice and a few tips on improving my game. He was very knowledgable and made the experience relaxing and enjoyable. I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend anyone who needs clubs to get fitted at 2nd Swing!
Andy J
I can't say enough about the experience at 2nd Swing vs. any other golf shop in the area. The staff actually knows what they are talking about and take the time to get to know you and your game. On top of having the right people to help you in the store and a low pressure environment, they have an unbelievable amount of technology to make sure that you are fitted with the best equipment for your individual game. On top of that, you have access to top of the line clubs for a price that you can't find anywhere else! If I could give 2nd Swing 10 stars, they would deserve every single on. Be sure to schedule an appointment with their team (preferably Scott of a kind!) when you are planning on buying new clubs, driver, made all the difference in the world for me!
Ben Hanson
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2nd Swing Minneapolis

I recently spent a couple of hours at 2nd swing working with Thomas Elsberry. I traded my old set of clubs in for store credit and eventually left with a new set of Cobra irons. Using their high tech equipment and hitting bays, I spent some time taking swings so Thomas could analyze the data. Thomas did a wonderful job explaining what all the data meant and how it affects the golf swing, ball flight etc. Upon discussing budget, Thomas then pulled 4 iron sets that he felt would be ideal for me. After spending time hitting the different iron sets and providing feedback, it was decided that the Cobra's were the way to go. In addition to the clubs, I went through a putter fitting as well. Based on that, I had a new grip put on and the lie of the putter was adjusted and the putter itself shortened so I would be better positioned over the ball. The entire experience from start to finish was outstanding!
Mark Barsness
Great service!! It was my first time shopping at 2nd Swing and I'll definitely be going back. Mike was very thorough and patient. He took the time to make sure I found just the right clubs. Thanks!!
Nathan Becker
I went there just to look around and maybe purchase an iron to complete my set. I asked an employee to help me find the missing iron and so we took 4 clubs and went up to swing them. He stood there patiently, giving me advice and also fit the iron as best he could to my existing set so I wouldn't notice a difference. Wasn't pushy at all and was very nice the whole time. I will be going back to that store for my golfing needs.
Blake Schirmers
The owners and staff at 2nd Swing are some of the best in the business. Simon (co-owner) is a great guy and offers an excellent product that is hard to beat in terms of the whole package. 2nd Swing provides outstanding customer service which is hard to achieve in conjunction with super competitive pricing. I recently traded in my entire bag of irons and woods to upgrade to some new custom fit irons and swing matched woods. Justin completed multiple sessions with me in their on-site simulators fine tuning the specs of each club to my swing speed, spin rate, and distance. Justin was not happy until he felt he had the perfect match for my swing and game. My new irons are awesome and completely set-up for my unique swing, lie, and height. The driver he selected for me was perfect too once I got in out on the course and the irons have performed as expected given the data from the monitors. I needed to make one adjustment on the fairway wood after I took it out on the course but that was a breeze too given 2nd Swing's 30-day trade back policy. I brought that club back and Thomas and Justin both worked with me again in the launch monitors until I found a replacement that was a better fit. Unreal!!! Where do you find top customer service, money back guarantees, and cutting edge technology all with the best pricing? One place I can tell you from lots of experience in the game of golf and buying clubs is that you will NOT find that combo in the big box stores. Save yourself time, money, and get big improvements through custom fit equipment the first time and go to 2nd Swing. Thank you guys!!!
Beau Garrett
My husband purchased two Taylormade woods in early May. After using them a few rounds he determined that they were not the best fit and returned them to 2nd Swing for a store credit. He then scheduled a golf fitting for a driver and 3 wood with Thomas Elsberry. Thomas is a Master Clubfitter and did an excellent job of selecting and analyzing various clubs for his use. He tried 4-5 different drivers and fairway woods and based on the analysis and his recommendations he found 2 suitable clubs (a Cobra Driver and Ping 3 wood). So far they have performed well on the course! Thomas demonstrated keen knowledge of the various clubs and their characteristics. I would definitely recommend him and 2nd Swing.
Margaret Witte
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Had pleasure visiting both 2nd Swing locations. Fitting stations and personel is amazing. You can definitely "loose" yourself for entire Saturday looking for that perfect putter.
Marcin Mic
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