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2nd Swing Minnetonka

The "Tour Van" experience is unique and the only one of its kind in the Twin Cities. The information you can see about your swing and how it relates to the equipment you are playing is amazing. I was fitted for a new set of irons (first time I've ever done this) and the results are crazy good. I had no idea the difference it makes on one's game. If you are considering a new set of irons, woods, or even wedges and putter, do yourself a favor and pick up the phone, and set an appointment for a fitting at 2ndSwing. To do anything else would simply be uncivilized. Customer for life.
Kurt Theriault
"Ping Platinum" full set club fitting with Brian. Wasn't sure what to expect, but can tell you if you're at all serious about your golf--2 handicap or 32--you need to get a professional fitting. The ability to manage every aspect of ball flight--spin, etc.--is key to improving your game. Now, beyond the technology element, Brian was awesome. Fun--yes, but knows his stuff big time. There was no rush to move on like you might expect. Rather, he kept making small adjustments in every area imaginable, and the result was fantastic! My only issue was being too tired from hitting to go thru the entire process. When we got to Drivers my swing was a bit ... lost. He told me to setup a new time after I got my irons/wedges and we could complete the process. I appreciate that than making a rash decision based on less-than-ideal swings and "just trying to make a decision" despite knowing the result wouldn't be optimal. Best money I ever spent. Well, I'll let you know when I get the clubs and see how I hit them. :>) No seriously, I would highly recommend 2nd Swing--and Brian specifically--to go through this process with. Enjoy!
Jeff Holker
I have golfed for over 40 years, but never been "fitted" before. It was a terrific experience - choosing the clubs that work best for me. What a concept! It really made me want to play more golf, knowing that I have the right equipment. Thank you Matt and Simon!
Sherry Maxwell
I was just fit by Aaron Roth and was truly impressed by his exceptional service, knowledge of product, attention to detail, and ability to fit me into clubs that work best for me. I highly recommend Aaron and 2nd Swing Minnetonka if you need new or used clubs. The fitting experience is second to none and what keeps me coming back!
Ryan Johnson
Fit for a driver with Brian. I am a high handicapper, but wanted to get a new club that was more forgiving. REALLY helpful staff and experience. Great to try a bunch of different clubs at the same time - helps you figure out what feels best. Also, all those stats and adjustments sure give you confidence that you're swinging the best equipment. HIGHLY recommend, especially as it is free if you buy a club.
Lori Anderson
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2nd Swing Minneapolis

Bought my first set of irons here in college 17 yrs ago and coming back to the game again, it was time to update the bag. Shopping around, it was apparent these guys are a local "shop" and not a national retailer. I like that and the complimentary fitting sealed the deal. Dropping into both locations, it was great to meet Mike who had the knowledge and relationship talent to work with me and listen this average player get the clubs that fit and feel great. Not sure the game will improve by leaps and bounds, but it feels good to know the irons are dialed in. These guys are helpful and want to work with you, more than just sell clubs on volume. Prices were great and I bought new if that matters to anyone. Genuinely happy to help with clubs I already own as well. How can I go anywhere else for the new driver? These guys are good. Tyson in Minneapolis
Tyson Prahl
I had a fantastic fitting for a new set of clubs! Thomas was very informative, helpful and easy to get along with. He didn't try to sell more than what I needed. He is extremely knowledgeable and didn't rush the process. My husband was so impressed with the whole experience, he's going to make an appointment for his own fitting.
Mary Giles
I went there to buy some irons to complete my set. This was my first visit. I asked the guy on the register about where can I find single irons and he asked me to look downstairs. That was the only assistance I got. I selected some clubs and went to try it out, waiting on the driving simulator for some help, and no one stopped by for a long time. I did not get any assistance at all in selecting clubs or any customer service of any kind. I really loved the club selections at this place, but was very disappointed with the customer service. I drove 30 miles after reading the reviews online, but I do not think I am going there again.
Kalpesh Raicha
I had been looking for a particular gap wedge, and happened to come across one that 2nd Swing had. I made the phone call and to my surprise, they gave me one of the best deals I have ever had. The gentleman on the phone was the greatest. Thank You !!!
Orville Hundemer
Always get excellent assistance from all representatives. Knowledgeable in all areas golf. Great customer assistance and appreciation. Exceptional follow-up on orders or problems. Recommend to all prospective customers.
Kenneth Chambers
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2nd Swing.com

I think my opinion would have been lower earlier if it had mirrored the disappointment I felt when I excitedly opened the package yesterday. The clubs I ordered came in the time they said ,which was really fast. My disappointment is in the fact they were not customized as I had requested and paid for and still had the old grips on them. Bummer. I was so deflated. BUT,, This morning I called the customer service and they offered me a few options including the one I took which was to get an estimate from a local golf shop to do the customization they forgot and refund me that amount. I had to pay $1.00 extra a club to remove the grips, but at least they will be custom to me. My clubs are currently being customized and the refund came quickly. Thanks
Mickey Burk
This was my first experience using 2nd Swing. I will definitely use them again!!!!!! Quality products, quality people, and fast shipping at a reasonable price! I can't ask for more!!!
John Hanley
I ordered a used iron set, had them lengthened 0.5" and new grips put on. They arrived very quickly and in better condition than described online. The customization work is very well done. I am recommending 2nd Swing to my family and friends.
RJ Regenold
I was called personally about a used product I ordered. Jason wanted to inform me about the condition of a putter before I ordered it. I ordered it at received it very quickly via Fedex. The putter was in excellent condition & the packaging was very good. Will definately do business again with 2nd swing. Thank you.
Frank Sammut
I worked with Aaron Roth in my fitting. Plan and simple....the guy knows his stuff. For me being a guy who is new to golf, Aaron was very helpful with making sure my golf experience would have me coming back again and again. Best golf store around.
Aaron Brown
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