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2024 Fitter's Choice

2024 Fitter's Choice

2024 Fitter's Choice

February 22, 2024

With most of the 2024 releases now out, you may wonder which clubs are right for you. That’s where our 2024 Fitter’s Choice comes in! We surveyed more than 50 of our Award Winning Master Fitters, and used their input into which clubs they believe are best in class! 

Our fitters used their expertise, along with more than a million analyzed swings from thousands of fittings to help them narrow down their hand-picked selections. Then using that data along with their knowledge, each fitter submitted which clubs they thought were best for each club category (driver, irons, wedges, etc.) by ranking their top 3 performers, and the clubs that consistently ranked the highest among our fitters were the selections for our 2024 Fitter’s Choice.

Not only does our 2024 Fitter’s Choice break down what clubs in general our fitters deemed to be best in class, but they also hand-picked clubs that suit different styles of golfers. Whether you are a scratch golfer or a beginner looking for some new clubs, there are clubs that suit every possible skill set within our Fitter’s Choice. If you’re a low-handicap player that likes to work the ball off the tee, then you’d likely go with the Titleist TSR3, Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond, or PING G430 LST Driver.. On the other hand, if you’re a high-handicap player seeking more forgiveness to help you find the fairway more often, then the PING G430 Max 10K, the Titleist TSR2, TaylorMade Qi10 Max Driver, or the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max Driver would be options.

That same selection process is present in every club category, from fairway woods to irons, and wedges to putters; there's an option for every golfer out there.

Making our 2024 Fitter’s Choice even sweeter is the fact your clubs will ship free within two days of purchase, so you’ll get on the course with them sooner, in addition to shooting lower scores with clubs tailored for your game!

Our 2024 Fitter’s Choice helps make selecting the right clubs easier for you. If you want to even further dial in your game, then take advantage of 2nd Swing’s award-winning club fitting services at any of our six store locations, or with our 2nd Swing Online Fitting and Support team. Make sure your equipment is fit for your game and schedule an award-winning fitting experience by calling (612) 216-4152 or by visiting the 2nd Swing fitting website: