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Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor (ES TOUR PLUS NEW LM)

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ModelES Tour Plus
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Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus

ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor / Simulator

The only American Made golf launch monitor company proudly offers the ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor / Simulator. Combining dual, high speed cameras and quad Doppler radar, the remarkable ES Tour Plus is Tour-Tested, highly accurate and provides all 26 data points. Outdoors, the ES Tour Plus provides six fundamental data points: Ball Speed, Club Speed, Smash Factor, Spin Rate, Launch Angle and Distance.


Pairing the ES Tour Plus with the free award-winning ESGOLF App, you can easily utilize the color-coded club fitting / comparison tools. Compare up to five different drivers, wedges, shafts or golf balls…a simple side by side comparison for simple data comparisons. Furthermore, the virtual driving can be adjusted from 60 yards to 400 yards. Get the most out of your potential and equipment with the ESGOLF App and ES Tour Plus.

ES Tour Plus Tour Includes:

  • Customer Support
  • FREE App Windows 10, iOS (Ipad Only)