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Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 Chipper

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Who’s It For?

Chip shots around the green can be difficult. Depending on the bounce on your wedge and the lie, it can be difficult to slide the clubface underneath the ball and loft it into the air. Tour Edge has taken notice of these difficulties and created the HL4 Chipper, a club that is designed to make greenside chip shots easier. The HL4 Chipper is especially suited for mid- to high-handicap golfers who struggle around the greens.

The Tech Story

The HL4 Chipper is built to allow golfers to hit chip shots with ease by employing the same motion as a putting stroke. The club’s heavy, super-wide sole cuts through thick rough for consistent contact around the greens. The unique sole also pulls extreme weight below the golf ball, allowing the ball to be launched into the air with ease when contact is made. Tour Edge also implemented additional heel and toe weighting to improve mis-hits. At 37 degrees of loft, the HL4 chipper is a perfect solution for the tricky bump-and-run shot.

Facts and Figures

  • Loft: 37 degrees
  • Available Lengths: 33 and 35 inches
  • Stepless Steel Shaft

Get Fit

2nd Swing Golf offers professional, tour-level club fitting at all of its retail locations, as well as a knowledgeable customer service staff that can help answer questions related to fitting. For fitting questions, please call 612-216-4152, and for more information about 2nd Swing’s custom fitting services, locations, and staff, click here (http://fitting.2ndswing.info/).