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Shop used MacGregor golf clubs and save on your purchase when you trade in your used clubs. Browse by club type, and learn more about MacGregor below. The MacGregor Golf Company revolutionized the golf industry early on. Founded in Dayton, Ohio by Edward Canby in 1897 MacGregor golf emerged into one of the world’s most recognizable names both on tour and to the everyday golfer in no time. Edward Canby, co-owner of a shoe company making wooden shoes saw the opportunity to put his wood making skills toward something different. Before he knew it, Canby was producing wooden club heads and hickory shafts in his warehouse which is how MacGregor Golf Company came to life. Focusing on the need to innovate, MacGregor went into the production of new golf equipment. By implementing steel shafts in the golf industry, MacGregor released the first sets of golf clubs that contained steel shafts and this trend still continues today.