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2024 BB Bettinardi Putters2024 BB Bettinardi Putters

New Bettinardi Putters

Discover precision and performance with the latest Bettinardi Putters available at 2nd Swing Golf. Elevate your putting game with cutting-edge technology, expert craftsmanship, and a wide selection of styles. Find your perfect stroke companion and sink more putts on the green. Explore the new era of Bettinardi Putters at 2nd Swing Golf

BB Series

Bettinardi: 2024
Image of 2024 BB PuttersImage of 2024 BB Putters
Who's It For?

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Bettinardi: 2024 BB

Bettinardi putters has long been one of the most revered brands in golf, known for impeccable face millings that offer exceptional feel and performance. The new Bettinardi 2024 BB Series features many of the same characteristics that Bettinardi putter users have loved over the years, but with a new  Perpetual Flymill Face Milling.

2024 BB Putter Options

Queen B Series

Bettinardi: 2023-2024

Studio Stock

Bettinardi: 2023-2024
Image of Studio Stock PuttersImage of Studio Stock Putters
Who's It For?

Use the guide below to help choose a putter that's best for your game.

Bettinardi: 2023 Studio Stock

Over the last 25 years, Robert Bettinardi has drawn inspiration from the world of professional golf by working closely with top players. With over 100 Tour wins since 1998, Bob has expertly re-engineered the 2023-2024 Studio Stock Series for top-notch performance. Precision milled from a single block of 303 Stainless Steel, this series includes five finely crafted models designed to instill Tour-level confidence in golfers of all skill levels.

Each model in the series boasts Roll Control Face milling, featuring a scientifically engineered groove profile to promote a quick, true ball roll, all while maintaining a soft feel and audible feedback. The Studio Stock series is finished with Diamond Blast on the topline and body to reduce glare at address, and the face and sole are polished for a luxurious look on the greens. Each putter features a Castleton green and jet-black paint scheme.

2023 Studio Stock Putter Options