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New Miura IronsNew Miura Irons

New Miura Golf Clubs


Who's It For?

Players Iron Golfers

Incredible Look + Feel

Miura has gained a prestigious reputation for its production of forged players irons over the past several decades. The TC-201 irons are no exception, boasting the incredible look and feel that every Miura iron has as a result of the company’s patented forging process. The TC-201 irons, specifically, are built to include the workability of a muscle back with the added forgiveness from a cavity behind the clubface. Consistent ball-strikers looking for a combination of workability and forgiveness in a compact shape will like the TC-201 irons.

Who's It For?

Game Improvement Golfers

Powerful + Forgiving

Miura is renowned for its ultra-premium quality irons, but the manufacturer doesn’t make clubs solely for ultra-low handicappers. The new Miura PI-401 Irons combine cutting-edge, forgiving technology with the classically soft and responsive feel found in all Miuras. Clubmaker Shinei Miura also made sure to maximize the distance capabilities of the PI-401s. Overall, these irons are a superb option for middle- and high-handicappers that want powerful and forgiving irons that refuse to compromise any feel.

Who's It For?

Players Iron Golfers

Muscle-Back Design

Miura Golf has been known for decades as one of the top brands for forged players irons in golf. Over the last few years, Miura has taken a hiatus from releasing new muscle-back models and instead focusing on other shallow-cavity players models and even stepping into the game-improvement category. However, Miura is back with the MB-101 irons, the first new muscle-back design from the company since 2013, designed to offer skilled ball-strikers premium feel, workability, and appearance.