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I came down from Northern MN for a fitting and intending to but new irons. I can't say enough about the high level of professionalism . To say the least, I was nervous as I am a pretty poor golfer. Brian immediately put me at ease, taking the time to make sure I was properly fitted. It is very rare in this day and age to receive such personalized service. I couldn't be happier. I ended up buying new irons and am already seeing improvement. Whatever you are paying Brian, you should double it. I will recommend 2nd Swing to anyone I know who is looking for clubs. Thank you!
Bernard Barich
My daughters and I went in this past Saturday to check out golf clubs for the 9 year old. I am a newer golfer, and I was a bit overwhelmed by the selection. It was also quite busy, so I expected to be ignored in favor of more sophisticated shoppers (it happened that same day at another golf store in the area that shall remain nameless). I was so very PLEASANTLY SURPRISED at the service and attention I received from Simon. He talked to my daughter and I at some length, despite the many other shoppers, helped us select a set of clubs for her, and even gave me fashion advice as I chose a visor near the checkout line! Simon offered to take a look at my golf clubs (purchased elsewhere) and check the length, as I am a rather tall woman and I have concerns about my ladies' set. I really couldn't be more pleased with my experience. 2nd Swing has earned my business and more: I am referring everyone in my office to this amazing store. Although Simon was helping me, other employees offered friendly greetings and offers to help in passing, and the cashier (whose name I cannot recall, I am sorry) was equally pleasant, gracious, and helpful. Many thanks to Simon and the other employees of 2nd Swing in Minnetonka. I can't recommend this store highly enough.
Erika Young
Thanks to Brian Sinclair for an informative and enjoyable club fitting yesterday! I haven't been fitted for clubs for over six years -- the technology has certainly advanced and the experience with Brian at 2nd Swing was outstanding. I never felt rushed and Brian gave me some great insights on my swing and we found the perfect set of Ping G irons to fit my swing. And there was no charge for the service! Cheers Brian! Dennis Goetz.
Dan Gates
Hi, I was in your Minnetonka store Friday and I just wanted to pass along a great customer service experience I had. Even though I did not make a purchase (more along information gathering), your rep (David) did an EXCELLENT job creating a helpful and learning atmosphere...as well as allowing me to explore & demo several different iron sets that I had researched online. . Also, he suggested clubs that I did not have on my list that easily added to my choices and would fit my game. The experience was enlightening and comfortable and this is definitely a store/person that I would recommend to others as well as where I would and plan to make future purchases. I have rarely (if ever) provided feedback on a shopping experience, but this time it was most warranted. No wonder that store has flourished and more than likely will continue to do so by creating a positive business culture and easy buying experience. As Brick & Mortar competes with online shopping this is the type of service that will separate the B&M from online shopping. With so much competition these days, its nice to know that a person can still get that small town service and respect in the big city... Thanks again....
Chris Toll
Looking to improve my game I went in to be fitted for new irons. James was great to work with, taking the time to help me try several different manufacturer's club heads and shafts to find the ones just right. The computer analysis was revealing, and showed me going form 150 to nearly 180 yards with my 7 iron, based on the changes we were making! Amazing.... hope it shows on the course next time out! Thanks 2nd Swing!
Rick Pollock
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2nd Swing Minneapolis

I went in for a club fitting and was absolutely blown away by the professionalism and expertise of their staff. Scott Johnson was able to get me fitted with the perfect pair of clubs that helps suit my game. The best part of the entire experience was Scott's ability to explain and walk me through the reason's for the adjustment's he was making. This really helped me get a better understanding and feel for the clubs I was hitting. From learning the science of how I was hitting and improvements I could make to having no question unanswered from the second I walked into the store, my overall experience was fantastic. I will definitely be doing more business with Scott and his staff and 2nd Swing in the future.
Trey Saari
Went to Scotsdale location today. Met a gentleman that was arranging clubs on a display. Told him what I was looking for and he helped me a great deal in finding the club that was correct for me. He then helped my golf game by showing me what I was doing wrong with my putter. I couldn't have been happier with the service this man gave me. He then handed me his business card in case I had any concerns in the future. Turns out that the fantastic customer service I got came from the owner and CEO himself. This will be the only business I purchase golf equipment from in the future.
Robert Aasen
I have never bought a pair of golf clubs before and was slightly overwhelmed on what kind to chose from. Thankfully, Scott Johnson was able to help me out tremendously. He was able to fit me with the correct club which felt perfect after making several adjustments. Overall, I had a great experience with even better customer service.. Thanks!
Travis Schweiger
I am a FREQUENT customer at 2nd Swing. And there is a reason I keep coming back - customer service that makes me feel like I am always their number one customer! My go to guy is Mike Hommerding at the Hennepin store. He is extremely knowledgable about the products and his patience with my questions is much appreciated. There is nothing worse than doing hours of research and then schooling an unknowledgeable sales person - which can frequently happen at the big box places. I have never been able to stump Mike! The fitting experience can at first be intimidating, and Mike always makes it enjoyable and productive. Thanks guys, for being the best fitters in the Twin Cities, and the only place I go to tweak my golf bag!
Golf Fanatic
I got a great deal, which was awesome on its own...but what really stood out was the service. Can't say enough about how great the customer service was with these guys! The sort of service you wish everybody provided. Special call out to Alex Haefner and especially Jason Henning...as well as their super impressive shipping department. Wow! I'll be coming back for sure.
Scott Franz
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