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2nd Swing Minnetonka

Hi, I was in your Minnetonka store Friday and I just wanted to pass along a great customer service experience I had. Even though I did not make a purchase (more along information gathering), your rep (David) did an EXCELLENT job creating a helpful and learning atmosphere...as well as allowing me to explore & demo several different iron sets that I had researched online. . Also, he suggested clubs that I did not have on my list that easily added to my choices and would fit my game. The experience was enlightening and comfortable and this is definitely a store/person that I would recommend to others as well as where I would and plan to make future purchases. I have rarely (if ever) provided feedback on a shopping experience, but this time it was most warranted. No wonder that store has flourished and more than likely will continue to do so by creating a positive business culture and easy buying experience. As Brick & Mortar competes with online shopping this is the type of service that will separate the B&M from online shopping. With so much competition these days, its nice to know that a person can still get that small town service and respect in the big city... Thanks again....
Chris Toll
Aaron and 2nd Swing team continue to deliver. I completed a driver fitting with Aaron last year that was a game changer. Because of that success I came back to get fitted for an set of irons. After 40 minutes I was dialed in and without Aaron's knowledge/guidance I never would have selected the set of irons,shafts, and grips that are right for me. I would have spent $$ on a set of irons off the shelf expecting great results, only to be disappointed that the new set did not "fix" my problem. The only downfall of the fitting.... Now I no longer can use the excuse "it must be the clubs". Thanks Aaron and team!
Neal Folta
I was looking for an upgrade for my clubs, but not new ones. Scott Johnson, at 2nd Swing, Minnetonka was very helpful. He took lots of time with me to check out irons and hibreds from different companies. He was patient and knowledgeable and didn't talk over me or down to me, although I didn't necessarily understand all that he had to tell me. He did a club fitting and gave me useful tips on how to get more distance from my swing. It was an assessment, fitting, sales and lesson all in one.
Jerilyn Hirsch
As usual, the 2nd Swing staff is the best at what they do. Proper fitting, asking questions, letting you try different clubs so I can discover for myself which clubs are better suited to my game. I do not know why any golfer who truly wants to improve their golf game, would even think about going to any big box store to get fit properly for their golf equipment. Plus, the pricing is fair and the manufacturers are very quick about turning special orders around and delivered. Want a personal recommendation or reference? See Scott Johnson in Mtka. He is recognized as one of the top club-fitters in the country. Not just the state of Minnesota, but the United States. Have an open mind and a sense of humor and you will find golf equipment not just suited to you, but improves your distance and accuracy. The rest is up to you and your golf instructor.
Warren Bailey
Scott Johnson (Minnetonka store) fitted me to a new set of irons yesterday and was phenomenal. I went in with a pretty strong idea of what I wanted but, after hitting many combinations of heads and shafts, Scott had me try one that I hadn't even considered. That combination turned out to be the best fit for me by far. Loved the professional, knowledgeable, and no pressure service and will definitely go back.
Jon Kehrberg
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2nd Swing Minneapolis

I just did a tour van fitting with Thomas and it was absolutely fantastic. He is extremely thorough and provided me with several different options. I have done other "tour" fittings at other places but nothing quite like this. The attention to detail and quality of the fitting were second to none! Phil was also great at helping me out after the fitting had been completed.
Riley Conlin
I went to the store for a club fitting and was set up for the tour van fitting. Mike helped me find what would work best for me asking my input the entire way. I went in looking for a certain club and after trying it out, the numbers told us this was not the club for me. I am a PGA golf professional and a college coach, and I would tell anyone wanting to get new clubs or see how well their current clubs perform this is the place. The number of club and shaft options and the knowledge and tools to get the right combination into your hands is why you want to go through this process in the first place. It is one thing to have technology to look impressive, it is another thing using it in the right capacity and that is what Mike did for me. It was a very fun experience seeing what not only the golf ball did but also how the club face and path worked as well. When my new clubs arrive, Mike wanted me to come back and check them all out to make sure I have the right tools in my bag for the upcoming season. As golf professional and coach, I want to make sure my students and players have the best fitted clubs so they can perform with confidence and enjoy the great game of golf, a tour van fitting is a great place to start. Thanks Mike for your help. I will be in touch.
Jim Fraser
I been in the Minneapolis location close to twenty times this year alone . I have worked with Louie Mitteco every time and his knowledge of the game and willingness to help makes it very easy to feel comfortable with any decision I had to make. He helped get setup with the right set of irons by walking me through a fitting and explaining why the clubs I got were set up the way they were. Same thing on my next visits when I got a 3 wood, wedge, bag, putter everything else golf. It's nice looking forward to going in there and having that type of relationship with Louie knowing he's there to help.
Aj Johnson
I was at the MPLS store this past saturday and I worked with Mike Oliver, he was great, got me fitted for a new set of PING irons and I am really happy with them thus far. If you are looking for an easy shopping experience where you can find anything you need then head to 2nd Swing. I have purchased clubs here for years and will continue to go back to this location.
Mark Thompson
Bought my first set of irons here in college 17 yrs ago and coming back to the game again, it was time to update the bag. Shopping around, it was apparent these guys are a local "shop" and not a national retailer. I like that and the complimentary fitting sealed the deal. Dropping into both locations, it was great to meet Mike who had the knowledge and relationship talent to work with me and listen this average player get the clubs that fit and feel great. Not sure the game will improve by leaps and bounds, but it feels good to know the irons are dialed in. These guys are helpful and want to work with you, more than just sell clubs on volume. Prices were great and I bought new if that matters to anyone. Genuinely happy to help with clubs I already own as well. How can I go anywhere else for the new driver? These guys are good. Tyson in Minneapolis
Tyson Prahl
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2nd Swing.com

The clubs look good even though I will not be able to use for a few months since I live in Montana (still winter) and arrived very quickly. I had been wanting a newer driver and my first 3 wood to fill out some used Taylormade irons I had purchased last year. Very high handicap so I never buy new, therefore a good used club works well for me and my budget. Was disappointed that the club I bought for $109.99 (3 wood) had a 2nd Swing our price sticker that said $99.99. So not sure if I received the club that I had paid for, so might not use them again. But again clubs look good.
Chuck Manry
Yes, I ordered a TaylorMade Driver late on Monday. I received it Friday afternoon. Great turn around. The driver is great, listed as a 9 condition. I would give it a 9.5. Great price, couldn't be more pleased. This is the second time I've ordered online and both times they meet my expectations and more. Would recommend them to anyone. Keep up the good work 2nd Swing.
Richard Hanna
This was my first purchase through 2nd Swing and I must say the ease of the purchasing was great. Upon receiving the item it matched exactly how it was described. The shipping was fast which meant it arrived earlier than anticipated! I will utilize 2nd Swing in the future. I would highly recommend 2nd Swing.
Dave Clague
2nd Swing is the greatest online dealer of golf equipment and accessories that I have ever dealt with. Their selection is superb and their customer service and friendliness is 2nd to none. Brent, especially, has been a tremendous help with questions and accommodating the customer's needs. What I love the most about their website is that they are honest, disclose the conditions of the equipment and the best part is that they extensively photograph every club that they are selling. You are not purchasing a used club based on "representative" photos. So you are actually looking at photographs of the exact item you will be receiving if you select that SKU number. These guys have a great selection, great prices and great attitudes and will work with you to get you exactly what you desire without hesitation. I honestly don't think that I will be purchasing anything golf from anybody else in the future but 2nd Swing! These guys are THE SHIZZ!
Jason Neitz
I purchased my EP Pro sweater on Ebay. The transaction was very smooth and my item was delivered 1 week before estimated delivery. Very satisfied with 2nd Swing. Thank you.
Stephanie Grubert
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