2nd Swing Minnetonka

I Received a full bag fitting from Aaron and I recommend anyone who is looking to maximize their golf game to do the same. Gained distance and starting hitting the ball with the flight I inspired to hit. It's an awesome place with top notch customer service. Would recommend to anyone 100%
Jordan Jones
This place was great! Scheduled a clubs fitting with Aaron and he really took care of me. He was patient and really took the time to find the clubs that worked for me. I will definitely be coming back for any of my future golf needs!
Farah Ali
James Tracy spent a lot of time with me fitting me for a new driver. It was by far the best fitting experience I've ever had. He was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and patient. He tried many combinations and with each and every change he explained the reasoning. At the end of a long fitting session, he ultimately just changed the settings on my existing driver and sent me on my way. It allowed me to spend my money on other things in the store to improve my golf game. Again, a fantastic fitting experience. I highly recommend James and will be seeing him the next time I need to be fitted for new clubs. Go see him!
Timothy Rongitsch
Second swing is the best place for buying, trading and getting fit. They have a wide selection of used clubs and offer the most fair deals for trading in used clubs. Aaron Roth has helped me improve my game by fitting me into the right clubs.
Clay Kucera
I had an excellent experience doing a club fitting with James. He was thorough and really helped me select the right equipment. On my next visit to the store I worked with Roshen who did a great job. He took his time, with no pressure which gave me confidence that I had the proper clubs working out of the store. Outstanding customer service. Thanks guys!!!
Rick Marko
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2nd Swing Minneapolis

It all starts with having equipment you want, and they have it. They understand your needs and do their best to meet your requirements. Their website is easy to navigate, there online chats are responsive, and their delivery is quick. Several purchases from 2nd Swing Golf , haven't been disappointed. Only wish they were in my home town.
Robert Dwyer
This place is golf heaven! I always enjoy coming here because the service is great and I always come out of there learning something new about golf equipment. The guys there are very knowledgable about the game and the equipment. The fitting process here is great as well. I was recently fitted by Tyler Fitzel, it was awesome he got me fitted to a club that is exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend this place to any golfer and would refer them to Tyler for equipment help.
Benjamin Herwig
Per customer Richard Brown: The customer service at this location was phenomenal! Tyler Fitzel did a great job and really took his time to make sure it was done well.
Leigh Orwig
I just completed a tour van fitting and it was absolutely fantastic. They are extremely thorough and provided me with several different options. I have done other "tour" fittings at other places but nothing quite like this. The quality of the fitting was second to none! I worked with both Scott and Thomas. They are both extremely knowledgeable and helpful. 2nd Swing is, without a doubt, the best place to buy golf equipment in the Twin Cities.
Riley Conlin
The service and expertise by all workers at 2nd Swing is above and beyond any other golf stores in the Twin Cities. I recently worked with Thomas for club fittings and Tyler for a putter fitting. Both took their time during the fittings to narrow my misses and talk through what would work best for me. I would recommend 2nd Swing to all golfers, no matter your handicap, as they are the best club fitters I've ever worked with.
Chance Maiers
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2nd Swing.com

Love 2nd Swing! I ordered a club for the hubby for our anniversary. They couldn't find that club, but found another comparable one and made sure it would get there in time for the celebration! Thanks 2nd Swing & Brent in customer service! I will definitely purchase from you again and tell all my golfing buddies to do the same!
Wendy Fleming
Not going to go crazy here, as I am paying a lot more than you offer as trade in values, but I will say You Are an Excellent company to do business with. Extremely helpful, and professional in every way. I find it to be extremely efficient as well. Order to at my door in short order. Thanks.
Fred Mueller
Came in with a broken shaft on my R15 driver and received help immediately. They didn't question what happened to it, just took my information on when I bought it and gave me options of new shafts to replace it at no cost. The gentleman helping me was very nice and asked for my name made me feel welcomed. The man helping me was Simon Kallal (CEO &founder) pretty cool to be doing that when he doesn't need to be. Will come back here with all my future golf purchases.
Chad Hansen
2nd Swing is my favorite golf store! The selection varied and commendable, especially with all the great deals amongst the used selection. The staff is top notch, knowledgeable, helpful and very accommodating. It's my 'go to' place for all things golf!
Esa Katajamaki
I bought two Wilson Staff D200 hybrids. The hybrids are great and were delivered quickly. 2nd Swing had trouble locating head covers but went out of their way to search all their stores and locations. They were able to locate the head covers. This great service made this a wonderful experience!
Walter Mohn
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