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Ping G400 Drivers

The multi-material design combines drag-reducing technology with a speed-inducing forged face and MOI-raising tungsten sole weight to deliver longer drives and fairway-finding forgiveness.

Faster Shape
Streamlined design combines with bolder turbulators and Vortec Technology to advance aerodynamics (15% less drag) for more clubhead speed.

Forged Face
Engineered to increase face flexing (6% thinner, 16% more flexing) and deliver a powerful sound and feel, the forged face is precision machined to produce hotter ball speeds (1-2 mph) for more distance (approximately 5 yards) across the entire face.

Ping G400 Fairway Woods

It’s ball speed and stopping power comes from an innovative maraging steel face that flexes 30% more than any previous design-- making it our hottest, highest launching fairway wood ever. A low lead edge and new, bolder turbulators elevate your ball flight and confidence from any distance.

Maraging steel face
One of strongest and most flexible alloys in the world, maraging steel is an ideal face material to deliver faster ball speeds that launch shots farther, higher and straighter.

Ping G400 Hybrids

Ping G400 Hybrids

An ideal option when gapping your set for mid-to-long distance shots, the G400 hybrids combine maraging steel faces with CG optimization to deliver more distance and forgiveness. Hotter ball speeds launch shots higher and farther while internal weighting keeps your ball flight on line and under control.

Cascading sole
Engages at impact to increase face flexing for higher launch.

Ping G400 Crossovers

The precision, workability and control of an iron combined with the ball speed and forgiveness of a hybrid make the G400 Crossover a high-performance and versatile option for golfers of all skill levels. The maraging steel face delivers faster ball speeds and higher launch to produce 30% more stopping power. The addition of a tungsten toe weight increases forgiveness resulting in 17% tighter dispersion. Turf interaction is greatly improved with a thinner sole.

Tungsten Toe Weight
20 grams, externally joined for higher MOI and greater forgiveness.

Ping g400 Irons

Ping G400 Irons

Face flexing technology that launches the ball faster and higher so you’ll enjoy more distance with the stopping power and feel to hit approach shots closer than ever. Imagine hitting one less club to the green with the height of two less clubs – giving you tour-player type performance with the forgiveness you need to find the putting surface more often.

COR-Eye Technology
Faster ball speeds generate gains in distance and shot height for stopping power.

Toprail Undercut Cavity
Combines with COR-Eye Technology to amplify and expand face flexing (18% more) to increase ball speed and launch the ball higher.

Ping i200 Irons

An iron Fit For Scoring. Look and feel of a players-style iron with exceptional forgiveness for its size. Minimal offset with thin top rail and sharper face radius. Soft, 431 stainless steel with hydropearl chrome finish. Thin, fast face delivers more distance and tour-level gapping. Machined grooves and back cavity. Elastomer insert behind face activates at impact for more damping and solid feel. Weight savings from thin face redistributed to toe and hosel regions for increased MOI. Higher lead edge and more bounce improve turf interaction.

Ping G Drivers

The New PING G Series Driver are exactly what you expect from the G Series; long, forgiving and extremely accurate, designed to improve your game off every tee whether you need help finding the fairway or you want to precisely shape your shot. It’s a driver that will benefit the super high handicap golfer without question and still be just as beneficial to the Tour Pro playing his Signature Pink design. They are faster than their predecessors; the new G Series Drivers are built for speed and power with new aerodynamic technologies. The Turbulators are still present but now they are coupled with VorTec and Dragonfly Technologies.

Ping G Fairway Woods

The New PING G Series Fairway Woods deliver the same reliability that has been a game changer for so many golfers; being easy to hit, easy to launch the ball and very forgiving, have been the defining features for PING’s G Series Fairway Woods over the years. The new G Series Fairway Woods have Turbulator Technology, like the G30 Woods; however the Turbulators are paired with a low profile leading edge design, an unseen internal tier system that compliments a 455 Carpenter Steel Face, a 25% thinner crown lowered the CG and raised the MOI. The new G Series Fairway Woods are PING’s most forgiving, straightest flying and highest launching and longer than all the other PING Fairway Woods.

Ping G Series Hybrids

Ping G Hybrids

The New PING G Series Hybrids are built just like the G Series Fairway Woods. Unlike the G30 Hybrids these new G Hybrids feature Turbulator Technology. They are also utilize the internal tiered sole, which helps the strong variable thickness 455 carpenter steel engage across the entire face to increase ball speed on every shot. The G Series hybrids have always been very forgiving and longer than most would expect, and the New G Series will be no different, made almost the same way as the G Series Fairway woods, but with more opportunities to save you with its versatility.

Ping G Crossovers

The New PING G Series Crossover is describe quite accurately. It will play long like a hybrid and offer versatility in the thick stuff, but its intended use is for more shot making opportunities that better players would take with the long irons trying to be precise when attacking the green. The G Series Crossover has a flat face and grooves like your long irons for spin control and shot shaping. The Crossovers have a taller face than a typical iron which helps expand the perimeter weighting across the face for hybrid like forgiveness. The G Series Crossover has a deep and back CG position for higher launching capabilities, which is ideal when attacking a green with precision and a soft landing. Just like the G Woods and G Hybrids, the G Crossover has a tiered internal sole which helps distribute energy across the entire face for maximum distance while not sacrificing any forgiving qualities.

Ping G Series Irons

Ping G Irons

Every new G Series Iron set that has been released by PING have always been a good choice for any player level. The New G Irons have everything needed to play better golf, a perimeter weighting system that has lead the golf industry since Karsten Solheim first experiments trying to manufacture forgiveness into your golf game. That was 55 years ago, today PING’s researchers have perfected an Iron Set that will hit and hold greens. The G Irons have a deep CG that has made getting the ball airborne easy, a perimeter weighting system that defined MOI in the iron category for generations to come. The G Irons have thinner faces that were obtained from a heat treating process that increases the steels strength by 40%, which added 5 yards of carry distances to every shot. The COR-EYE Technology which is a new a design aspect to the G Series irons, adds a new perspective to distance and control, giving more opportunities for shot making. PING’s G Series Irons are time tested and player approved.

Ping iBlade Irons

The Ping iBlade Iron Set are made from cast 431 stainless steel for a soft buttery feel. These irons are the latest blade offering from Ping and have a thin top rail, minimal offset, with a straight lead edge and sharp high toe. These irons are very clean at address. The iBlade's feature a thin, high speed face; that produces up to 6 yards of increased distance in the long irons. Overall there are higher trajectories and more precision throughout the set.

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