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Trade In Your TechTrade In Your Tech

Trade In Golf Tech


Use the 2nd Swing valuation tool below to find out how much your current golf tech is worth.


Ship your golf tech to 2nd Swing for inspection and to finalize your credit amount.


Once all golf tech is received and evaluated, You will get paid in either 2nd Swing Credit, Paypal or Check.

Get Started

Begin your trade-in by finding out how much your golf tech is worth with the 2nd Swing Value Guide. Add your golf tech below and complete the check out process to receive your return instructions.

Why Trade With 2nd Swing?

At 2nd Swing, we offer the highest trade-in values for your used golf tech, guaranteed. This creates a quick and easy way to not only open up space in your garage but also to save money on the purchase of your new golf tech.  See the 2nd Swing Value Guide to find out how much your golf tech is worth.

We want golfers to get the most out of our trade-in process, which is why we give higher than market value for used golf tech and do not limit the amount of golf tech that can be traded in. Furthermore, we buy all the major manufacturers and also buy high-end and rare items.

2nd Swing Value Guide is the industry's newest, easiest way to find golf tech values online. It provides golfers with the unique ability to trade in their old golf tech and receive credit at 2nd Swing or to sell them outright. Follow the simple steps below to see what your golf tech is worth & choose which payment option best suits your needs.

2nd Swing Credit

How To Redeem


Complete trade-in process and select 2nd Swing Credit as your preferred payment method.

Wait For Credit To Be Applied

2nd Swing Credit will be applied to your account after your golf tech has been received. Typical turnaround time is 7-14 business days.

Apply Credit Code At Check out

A 2nd Swing E-Gift Card will be emailed to you that is applicable towards any future purchase at 2nd Swing. The code associated with that gift card will be contained in the email and can be used in-store or online.


Are golf retailers obligated to give the same used golf tech trade-in values on other websites?
No, but 2nd Swing consistently offers the highest trade-in values for used golf tech.

What is the difference between the trade-in value and the resale value of my used golf-tech?
The trade-in value is slightly higher than the resale price. You will receive more value when you trade in to receive credit for other purchases.

Does the condition of my golf tech affect the value?
Yes. The better the condition of the golf tech, the higher the value. Condition is evaluated by our staff and the golf tech is priced accordingly. You can use the 2nd Swing Value Guide to find what your golf tech is worth in a particular condition (New, Average, Below Average).

Why can’t I find my golf tech on the 2nd Swing Value Guide?
Not every golf tech model can be given a market value, and these items are typically rare items, antique items, special or Tour issue items, or other high-ticket items. Golf tech that is very old or damaged will also not be assigned a market value.