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Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Double Wide A Putter

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Who’s It For?

Putting is the most tedious and difficult skill to master in golf. However, Odyssey Golf has been making putting easier for decades, and that continues with the Stroke Lab Black series of putters. The Stroke Lab Black Double Wide AL putter is a mid-mallet design that gives the appearance of a thicker blade. It has no toe hang, which will work best for golfers with a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke. Golfers with an arc in their putting strokes that like the look of the Double Wide will prefer the Double Wide Flow, which contains 40 degrees of toe hang.

The Tech Story

Odyssey hit a home run by introducing Stroke Lab technology in 2019. Stroke Lab technology consists of modified shaft weighting that removes 40 grams of weight from the shaft and redistributes it to the head and grip ends of the putter. This maneuver completely rebalances the putter and assists golfers with tempo and stroke consistency. The Stroke Lab Black Double Wide AL is a mid-mallet design that presents like a thicker blade shape. The ‘AL’ indicates added loft, as the Double Wide AL has 7 degrees of loft and is weighed at 410 grams, both of which are higher than the 3 degrees of loft and 360 grams on the standard Double Wide to help with consistency. Additionally, the new Microhinge Star Insert provides enhanced sound and firmer feel while maintaining the same roll performance as the White Hot Microhinge Insert, featured on other Stroke Lab putters. Golfers using the Stroke Lab Black putters will also find alignment easier thanks to High Def Alignment, including sharp, white alignment art on a black clubhead to ease setup at address.

Facts and Figures

  • Head Design: Mid-Mallet
  • Head Weight: 410 grams
  • Loft: 7 degrees
  • Toe Hang: 0 degrees
  • Offset: Full Shaft
  • Lie Angle: 70 degrees
  • Available in right-handed
  • Headcover Included

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