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PING G400 Drivers

Three Steps to Choosing the Right G400 Driver:

Which G400 driver model is right for me?

Which loft is right for me?

What type of shaft do I need in my driver?

PING G400 Drivers

PING G400 Drivers Include New Designs and Playability Options

PING has been an industry-leader in golf equipment for decades. The PING G400 drivers are no exception. The G400 driver series includes four models that have some of the same key technological features, but have unique shapes that produce unique trajectories and characteristics. Each model includes a streamlined design with bolder turbulators that have reduced drag by up to 15 percent. Meanwhile, a forged face increases face flexing by 16 percent to generate explosive ball speeds. Additionally, the tungsten sole weight in each model drops the center of gravity, while DragonFly Technology implemented in the clubhead improves stability. The standard G400 driver is designed to provide the best combination of low spin and high launch. The G400 LST has a more forward center of gravity to lower spin and deliver a more penetrating ball flight. The G400 SFT has a little more weight in the heel to help golfers with a slice or block miss. And lastly, the G400 Max driver is the biggest clubhead in the G400 series and is designed for maximum forgiveness and launch.

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PING G400 Drivers Review

Everything you need to know about the PING G400 Drivers.

PING G400 Drivers Comparison

Comparing and contrasting the different G400 driver models.

Shot Consistency

Not Very


G400   X X
G400 SFT X X  
G400 LST     X
G400 Max X X  

AVE Distance:

180 & Under
180 - 215
215 - 250
280 & ABOVE
G400     X X X
G400 SFT   X X X  
G400 LST     X X X
G400 Max   X X X  

PING G400 Drivers:

G400 Driver

G400 LST Driver

G400 SFT Driver

G400 MAX Driver
Head Size 445cc 445cc 445cc 445cc
Spin Characteristics Mid Low Mid High
Launch Characteristics High Low High High
Workability Mid High Low Low

Shop PING G400 Drivers

PING G400 Drivers

PING G400 Drivers

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PING G400 LST Drivers

PING G400 LST Drivers

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PING G400 SFT Drivers

PING G400 SFT Drivers

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PING G400 MAX Drivers

PING G400 MAX Drivers

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PING G400 Driver Selection FAQ

Q: How do the four G400 driver models differ?
A: The G400 drivers are designed to deliver excellent distance-enhancing technology to every type of skill. The standard G400 model is going to fit the widest range of golfers and will deliver the best combination of low spin and high launch. The G400 LST is designed for low spin and workability and will best fit a player with a high swing speed. The G400 SFT includes added weight into the heel for some draw bias. And lastly, the G400 Max has the largest clubhead of all the G400 drivers and is designed for extreme forgiveness and launch.

Q: What loft should I go with?
A: Selecting the correct driver loft is an underrated aspect of making sure your driver is the right fit for your swing. If you are trying to lower your ball flight or decrease spin, then a lower loft would make sense for you. Meanwhile, a higher loft will create a higher launch and more spin. One thing to note is also that a higher loft is generally easier to control in terms of accuracy. A miss to the left or right is more exaggerated with lower loft. It’s up to the golfer to decide what the higher priority is -- distance or accuracy?

Q: Is the G400 Max driver only for high-handicap golfers?
A: Not necessarily. Many high-handicapper will fit into the G400 Max driver because of its exceptional performance on mis-hits. However, the G400 Max is also a high-launching driver that would be a great fit for any golfer that struggles with a low ball flight or low spin off the tee.

Q: What’s the best way to identify the driver shaft that’s best for my game?
A: If you are unable to go through a fitting with one of 2nd Swing’s award-winning fitters, you can still identify the shaft that is best for your game. Golfers with faster swing speeds and quicker tempos are a fit for a heavier stiff or x-stiff flex shaft. Meanwhile, slower swing speeds and slower tempos will fit into a lighter shaft with more flex. It’s important to note that selecting the correct shaft is not just about raw swing speed, but the swing tempo also matters just as much. In general, golfers that hit their 7-iron 150 yards or more should play a stiff shaft, while golfers that hit a 9-iron or pitching wedge 150 yards may need to consider an x-stiff flex depending on their swing tempo.

Q: Are the PING G400 drivers adjustable?
A: Yes, the PING G400 drivers all feature an adjustable hosel that can optimize loft and lie. The loft can be manipulated by one degree higher or lower than the standard loft. Increasing the loft will make the lie more upright and close the clubface, while decreasing the loft will flatten the lie and open the clubface.

Q: Can we make customizations to a driver that we have purchased?
A: Absolutely. Our customization team can increase or cut down the shaft length (and adjust for swing weight), put on a different grip, and more. Just call (612) 216-4152 when placing your order and chat with our Fitting and Support team about the customizations you want to make.

Q: How can I get fit for a PING G400 driver?
A: The best way to get fit for Titleist 718 irons is to schedule an appointment on our fitting website, fitting.2ndswing.info, or to call (612) 216-4152. A member of our award-winning staff will work one-on-one with you to identify your swing tendencies and determine which 718 iron model in our massive selection is right for your game.

Ping G400 Drivers