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Find The Right Putter For Your Golf Game

Get the ball rolling on improving your golf game with a putter from 2nd Swing. Whether you’re buying online or in stores we’ve got a great selection to help you start sinking more putts. Our fitting service will identify your stroke type and find a putter style that works with your game,or, if you know what you need our fitters can customize your selection to give you the best fit club to improve your short game.

Chat With An Expert

What condition Driver are you looking for?

Select desired driver condition

  • New
    Brand new, never used.
  • Used

What is your club dexterity?

What is the golf dexterity you are shopping for?

  • Left
  • Right

How far can you hit the ball with a driver?

What is the typical distance you hit your driver?

  • 180 Yards
    180 Yards
  • 180-215 Yards
    180-215 Yards
  • 215-250 Yards
    215-250 Yards
  • 250-280 Yards
    250-280 Yards
  • 280+ yards
    280+ yards

What is your desired ball Flight?

What directional bias do you want built into your driver ?

  • Draw
    A driver that helps the ball draw more
  • Straight
    A driver that helps hit the ball straight
  • Fade
    A driver that has a built in fade bias

What is your Typical Score?

What is your golf handicap?

  • Index +2 or better
  • Index +1 to 4
  • Index 5 to 10
  • Index 11-16
  • Index 17-22
  • Index 23 or more

Top Performing Drivers

Top Performing Drivers

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Shop Putters by Stroke Type

Straight STroke (<0 to 3.5 degrees) |Face BalancedStraight STroke (<0 to 3.5 degrees) |Face Balanced

Putters For Straight Stroke Types
Face Balanced Options

Slight Arc (>3.5 to 7.5 Degrees) 1/2 Toe HangSlight Arc (>3.5 to 7.5 Degrees) 1/2 Toe Hang

Putters For Slight Arc Stroke Types
Mid-Toe Hang Options

Strong Arc (7.5 Degrees + Up) | Full Toe HangStrong Arc (7.5 Degrees + Up) | Full Toe Hang

Putters For Strong Arc Stroke Types
Toe Down Hang Options

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