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2nd Swing Golf offers unbeatable selection on both used and new golf clubs. We take pride in having the largest selection of golf clubs anywhere.  The way we see it, there is no club fits all. Our approach is individualized.  Give us a call, send an email, or chat with us.  We'll work with you in making a tailor-made purchase so there is no question the golf club that arrives at your door is right for you.  That's why don't just list a model, we show you the actual product and provide photos so there are no surprises.

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Used Golf Clubs

Used golf clubs can be a great way to get quality equipment at a reasonable price. 2nd Swing Golf has the largest selection of golf clubs.  We even allow customizations on our used clubs!  We make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Using our top of the line in-store fitting technology, our staff can identify the clubs that are right for you and will customize your purchase, so you leave with a great club custom fit to your swing at a great price.


New Golf Clubs

All of the newest clubs from the industry’s top brands are available at 2nd Swing Golf, so when you’re looking for the best new golf equipment for your bag, your search starts and ends with us. Find the perfect club for you using the best fitting technology the industry has to offer; under the guidance of our award-winning staff, your purchase can be custom fit to your swing to achieve the best results. Also, take advantage of our trade-in program, which gives you the best values for trading in your used golf clubs, to get a great deal on the newest clubs on the market.


How many golf clubs does 2nd Swing Golf have?
The most in the world! We have over 50,000 clubs in stock and growing. If you have old clubs or know you won't used them soon why not trade them in? Trade with us and find an even better fit at 2nd Swing Golf.

What golf club brands do we sell?
More than you probably can imagine. Search around our site to find out. Our top brands include PING, Titliest, Bettindardi, Muira, Mizuno, Callaway, and Taylormade.  We sell new models as they come out as well as an extensive selection used clubs.