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Titleist TSR4 Driver

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Who’s It For?

The Titleist Speed Project has been providing significant performance gains for golfers in the drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids dating back to the TS line. New in 2022 is the TSR series of drivers and fairway woods, which aim to refine the technology introduced in the TSi line and deliver even better results on the course. The TSR4 driver is the driver in the TSR series designed for ultimate low-spin performance, best for golfers that struggle with controlling spin rates or very skilled golfers seeking a players’ aesthetic and performance.

The Tech Story

The new Titleist TSR4 is the ultimate low-spin driver, designed to generate roughly 250-300 RPMs less of spin than the TSR3 driver. Forgiveness has been enhanced by a new Multi-Plateau VFT face, which boosts ball speed across the entire surface area of the clubface and maintains performance on off-center strikes. Meanwhile, the aerodynamics are also improved through a refined player-preferred shape. Thanks largely to a cleaner sole, drag is reduced on the downswing for faster club speed. New in the TSR4 is Adjustable Spin Control, which consists of fore and aft weighting options to allow golfers to experiment with maximum spin reduction or a more moderate profile that would create a TSR3.5 driver profile. Also of note, Titleist’s SureFit Hosel returns once again in the TSR series, offering 16 unique loft and lie settings that allow golfers to fine tune their ball flight for their optimal spin and launch. 

Facts and Figures

Available Lofts: 8° (RH only), 9°, 10° (RH only),

Head Size: 430cc

Featured Shafts: Project X HZRDUS Red CB, Tensei AV Blue XLink, Project X HZRDUS Black 4th Gen, Tensei 1K Black

Premium Shafts: Graphite Design Tour AD IZ, Graphite Design Tour AD UB, Graphite Design Tour AD DI

Stock Length: 45 ½ inches

Stock Lie Angle: 58 ½ inches

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