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Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor (KIT NEW LM)

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Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor

Designed to be portable, durable, reliable, easy to use and above all, trusted to bring you an experience that elevates your practice.


MACHINE-LEARNING ENHANCED RADAR - The most innovative Radar technology, patented to get the most accurate readings in a more compact design at a lower cost.

POWERFUL PROCESSORS - Dedicated processors for Radar and media to allow our data to process faster and more efficiently.

HEADS-UP DISPLAY - The only launch monitor to let you see what matters on a customizable full-color display.

PORTABLE - Built to be taken to and from the course with quick & easy setup to get your practice started faster.

16 POINTS OF CLUB & BALL DATA INCLUDED - To see everything our launch monitor can help you analyze about your swing with our 16 points of radar data, click below.

CUSTOMIZE WHAT YOU SEE & HOW - Arrange what data points are shown on your KIT display, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or spoken to you through your headphones.

5 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE - Your range sessions don’t need to end because the sun goes down, practice as long as it takes to get ready for your next big round with a lithium-ion battery chosen to last longer.

4K CAMERA, 1080P OUTPUT - You need to see your golf swing in high resolution to best analyze what’s happening. We went with a camera for just that and made sure you can review and share to make the adjustments that count.

COMPACT DESIGN - We built the Full Swing KIT to be able to fit in your golf bag, so you can take it with you in it’s protective case and always have a free hand for your next bucket of balls.

SET UP FAST & EASY - No more alignment sticks, leveling calibration issues or stickers needed here. Set your Full Swing KIT down, select a club and align to your target using our video alignment feature with on-unit buttons or with your app in seconds.

CONNECT ALL YOUR IOS DEVICES - See the instant feedback on our customizable OLED screen after each swing, or using on-board wifi & Bluetooth, hear it on your headphones, take a quick peek at your Apple Watch or really dive in with your iPhone or iPad, with our app, it’s up to you.



– Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor
– Charging Block
– USB-C Charging Cable
– Protective Travel Case