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At The Turn - 2nd Swing's Newsletter

Volume 30: October 10, 2019

The At The Turn newsletter is back with more in-depth breakdowns and expert insight on both new equipment releases and prior-generation golf clubs. Below you’ll find our staff’s detailed ranking of the top five used drivers of the past decade. Additionally, you’ll see two videos from our YouTube page: one comparing the new Titleist U-500 and U-510 utility irons, and the other reviewing the new Cleveland Launcher iron models. We also tested out the new Callaway Jaws MD5 wedges and compared the Mizuno JPX-919 Tour and MP-20 irons with one another to find the similarities and differences between the most recent Mizuno players iron sets.

Golf Club Rankings

2nd Swing’s top-five used drivers of the past decade

By 2nd Swing Staff

With 2019 flying by quickly, not only will a new year be upon us soon but a new decade as well. In looking back, it’s pretty amazing to consider the number and quality of advancements that have taken place in golf clubs since 2010, especially when it comes to drivers.

Over the course of the past decade, golf manufacturers have excelled with each passing year in terms of giving players more forgiveness, ball speed gains, and increased customization options, and the driver choices on the market today are simply incredible.

That said, the past decade also saw plenty of tremendous drivers come to market, some of which can absolutely still hold their own when matched up against newer releases, especially when properly fit for a player.

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Club Test Video

Exclusive 2nd Swing Video

Trackman Testing: Titleist U-500, U-510 utility clubs

As utility clubs have grown in popularity in recent years, golf club manufacturers have increasingly devoted added resources to the category, with the end result being golf clubs that offer the performance of hybrids with the versatility of long irons. Out with new utility irons this fall is Titleist, and to get a feel for the differences between the U-500 and U-510 in terms of performance, look, sound, and feel, we decided to test both using Trackman 4.

Club Test

Callaway Jaws MD5 wedges provide extra bite

By Drew Mahowald -- 2nd Swing Staff Writer

It happens far too often during a round of golf. You’re faced with a short approach shot to the hole and anticipate that, with good contact, your ball will check up near the hole and give you a good chance at successfully getting up and down.

However, instead of checking up near the hole, your ball instead scoots several feet past the hole, and you’re faced with a lengthy putt.

Callaway Golf has attempted to solve this issue with its creation and release of the Jaws Mack Daddy 5 (MD5) wedges. Master wedge designer Roger Cleveland made some major adjustments to his construction method, particularly with the grooves, while maintaining the same classic look and feel that have made Callaway wedges so popular.

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Club Test Video

Exclusive 2nd Swing Video

Cleveland out with new game-improvement irons

Several companies have brought out new irons in recent weeks, including Cleveland, which recently released its Launcher UHX and HB Turbo irons. While the two models look very different, each was designed to offer players higher launch conditions, significant forgiveness, and more distance. In an effort to learn more about the UHX and HB Turbo irons, 2nd Swing’s Drew Mahowald and Thomas Campbell took them out for a testing session.

Club Test

Comparing Mizuno JPX-919 Tour and MP-20 irons

By Drew Mahowald -- 2nd Swing Staff Writer

It’s no secret that Mizuno has been very successful in the golf equipment marketplace, specifically when it comes to producing players iron sets.

Several of the best players in the world have employed Mizuno’s classic performance and feel en route to finding success on tour. Look no further than world No. 1 player Brooks Koepka, who has used a set of Mizuno irons for all four of the major championships he has won in the last few years.

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At The Turn - 2nd Swing's Newsletter

Volume 29: September 26, 2019

At The Turn, 2nd Swing’s bimonthly newsletter covering the latest in golf equipment and industry trends is back with more insights and knowledge from experts. In this edition, we’ve included a test of the new Titleist 620 CB irons and an in-depth review of the new Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo woods. We also compared TaylorMade’s 2019 P790 irons to the 2017 version using Trackman technology. Plus, staff writer Chris Wallace had the opportunity to test and provide feedback on each of the 2019 Titleist irons and hybrids. And finally, we had the chance to chat with 2nd Swing Scottsdale fitter Bradley Harrelson to get his fitting insights and the trends he’s noticed in his fittings.


620 CB irons offer balance of control and forgiveness

By Drew Mahowald -- 2nd Swing Staff Writer

Titleist’s most recent launch of new irons and hybrids provides options for all skill levels. From the T300 irons to the 620 MB irons and the U500 utility iron to the TS2 hybrid, and everything in between, Titleist has covered all bases

The new series of players irons in the most recent Titleist launch features the 620 MBs, the 620 CBs, and the T100s. The 620 MB irons are a muscle back design catered toward the most skilled ball-strikers, while the T100s are the most compact and workable offering in the T-Series and include a spring steel body and additional tungsten weighting in the 3-iron through 6-iron for added forgiveness on longer shots.

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Club Test Video

Exclusive 2nd Swing Video

Trackman Test: TaylorMade 2019 P790 vs. 2017 P790

One of the most anticipated golf club releases of 2019 has been the new TaylorMade P790, which was unveiled to the public in late August. Of course, the original P790, which was released in 2017, was a huge success for TaylorMade, as it basically set the bar for the players distance iron category. So how do the new version and old version stack up? To find out, we tested both using Trackman 4, and the results proved to be quite interesting.

Golf Club Review

Hit it longer, straighter with new Launcher Turbo woods

By Chris Wallace -- 2nd Swing Staff Writer

With the exception of its always-popular wedges, Cleveland took a hiatus from the golf equipment game for a few years before returning in 2017 with new woods and irons and a clearer picture of the market it wanted to go after.

And the goal for Cleveland was simple when it introduced its new Launcher irons and woods two years ago: to make the game easier for the average player or the golfer who maybe only plays a handful of times each year.

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Club Test Video

Exclusive 2nd Swing Video

Exploring each of the new fall releases from Titleist

With new T-Series and 620 irons, TS hybrids, and U-Series utility clubs out on the market in the last few weeks, Titleist has captured the majority of headlines when it comes to recent equipment releases. That being the case, 2nd Swing headed to the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, California, where staff writer Chris Wallace had the chance to test each of the new products, as well as get fit for the perfect options for his game.

Club Fitting

Inside the Tour Van: Bradley Harrelson fitting Q&A

By Drew Mahowald -- 2nd Swing Staff Writer

2nd Swing’s Tour-level club fitting process is among the best in the golf industry, and yearly recognitions on the Golf Digest Top 100 Fitter list give support to this claim. To get to this level, 2nd Swing has built a staff of knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly club fitters that are able to help provide the same fitting experience the pros get.

Bradley Harrelson is one of the exceptional fitters at 2nd Swing’s Scottsdale, Arizona location. He started playing golf competitively at 11 years old and competed for four years at Montana State University. He then turned professional shortly after college and has played on several mini tours in Arizona over the past few years.

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