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2019 Big Bertha Irons

Big Bertha irons have been a favorite among higher-handicap golfers for years now and one of the most recognizable franchises that Callaway has to offer. Their success has been fueled by incredible playability, as increased distance, higher launch, and ample forgiveness have all combined to make it easier for average players to hit more greens and have more fun on the course. And golfers can expect more of the same from the new 2019 Big Bertha irons.

Tungsten weight that has been positioned low and deep in the design of the new Big Bertha irons will give players the performance that they want and need, but they can also expect improved sound and feel thanks to the use of internal urethane microspheres. Additionally, a new PVD finish and streamlined shape will provide golfers with improved aesthetics at address, which almost certainly will expand the target audience for the new Big Bertha irons.

2019 Big Bertha Hybrids

2019 Big Bertha Hybrids

Callaway has emerged in recent years as one of the most popular golf manufacturers when it comes to hybrids, and it has reached those heights by providing players with exceptional ball speeds. The new Big Bertha hybrids will continue to excel in that regard, as the combination of Jailbreak Technology and a Hyper Speed Face Cup will deliver impressive ball speeds from across the clubface, with the result being more distance and improved consistency.

Also of note when it comes to the 2019 Big Bertha hybrids is a new, lightweight adjustable loft sleeve that has been developed. The new hosel allows players to adjust loft and lie to achieve exactly what they’re looking for in terms of spin, launch, and distance, but it weighs the same as a bonded hosel, allowing engineers to utilize the optimal CG position. Additionally, the new Big Bertha hybrids are available in lofts ranging from 19 to 33 degrees to fill the gaps in any player’s bag.

EXO Putters

To say that Odyssey designers are excited about the new EXO lineup of putters would be quite an understatement. In fact, they believe EXO embodies everything that Odyssey has learned through the years about making putters, a conglomeration of knowledge that has taken Odyssey to the undisputed No. 1 spot in the putter market both with professional golfers and recreational players alike.

The EXO line was created first and foremost to give players maximum forgiveness on off-center strikes, which will help provide better speed control on mis-hits. As such, each of the six EXO putters available is a modern mallet design and features a multi-material construction that made it possible for ample weight to be utilized along the perimeter of the putterhead. Additionally, a new Microhinge White Hot insert is providing the true roll that players want but with the soft White Hot feel that they love.

Also unique about the EXO lineup is that two hosel designs are being utilized to better fit different types of putting strokes. Standard models are face balanced, which will work especially well for players who putt using a straight back, straight through method, while “S” models feature a short slant neck design and moderate amount of toe hang that will work better for players with arcs in their stroke.

Callaway Rogue Drivers

In spite of the tremendous success enjoyed by its Epic drivers in 2017, Callaway felt there were improvements that could be made, which is what led to the creation of the new Rogue driver lineup. Fear not, however, Epic fans, as Jailbreak technology is back as part of the Rogue design, including modifications that will further improve ball speed. But where the Rogue really distinguishes itself is in terms of forgiveness, as MOI has been increased thanks to a slightly larger footprint and a new clubface construction that better protects ball speed on mis-hits.

There’s also a brand new driver option from Callaway in the Rogue lineup, as the Rogue Draw will join the standard Rogue and the Rogue Sub Zero. Players can expect similar performance attributes from the latter two options, most notably in terms of spin reduction from the Sub Zero for players who need it. But the Rogue Draw will now give golfers who fight a slice or block a dedicated head design as opposed to movable weight to help eliminate that miss.

Callaway Rogue Irons

Callaway continues to raise the bar when it comes to iron technology and the new Rogue irons are a perfect example. Across the Rogue iron line, distance is the common denominator and it has been achieved in a myriad of ways. Most notably Face Cup and Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technology are leading to ball speed increases both on pure strikes and mis-hits. These are also, however, irons that offer impressive forgiveness and launch conditions, thanks in large part to internal tungsten weighting, and they also provide better feel than many distance irons.

With three Rogue iron models to choose from, golfers will have to figure out which is right for their game. The Rogue Pro has the most compact profile of the three and will give better players the look and workability they want in an iron. The standard Rogue and the Rogue X, meanwhile, are more similar in shape, but the X features lighter swing weights and stronger lofts that will help create more distance and make it a popular choice for players with slower swing speeds.

Callaway Rogue Fairways

The big tech story with the new Rogue fairway woods is the introduction of Jailbreak technology, which is a first for Callaway in a fairway design. It took significant work from the R&D team to make it happen, but two steel bars now connect the crown and the sole, allowing Rogue fairway woods to deliver maximum energy transfer at impact, which increases ball speed. Couple that breakthrough with Callaway’s highly successful Face Cup technology and what you get are fairways that Callaway believes are the most powerful it has ever made.

As was the case with the Epic fairway woods, there will be two Rogue fairway models to choose from to help meet the needs of any golfer. The standard Rogue will offer naturally high launch conditions, high MOI, and a multitude of lofts to choose from, while the Rogue Sub Zero will feature a slightly smaller footprint to encourage workability, as well as provide lower spin rates to help high-spin and/or high-speed players control trajectory and maximize total distance.

Callaway Rogue Hybrids

As is the case with the Rogue fairway woods, Callaway’s new Rogue hybrids also feature both Jailbreak and Face Cup technology. Those two innovations are working together along with an ultra-thin Carpenter 455 steel clubface to produce impressive ball speed numbers from impact locations across the face. Additionally, an Internal Standing Wave has been utilized within the clubhead to help engineers position weight to better promote an optimal combination of launch and spin, as well as improve stability at impact.

Callaway is also offering two different Rogue hybrid models, the standard Rogue and the Rogue X. Not surprisingly, there also will be standard Rogue and Rogue X irons for players to choose from as well to help them better complete their bags. In terms of the differences between the two models, the standard Rogue has a slightly smaller footprint to help promote more workability, while the Rogue X was designed to deliver maximum distance thanks to its lightweight construction.

Callaway MD4 Wedges

In creating the new MD4 wedges, Callaway and its lead wedge designer Roger Cleveland relied more heavily on tour feedback than arguably ever before. That feedback led to a number of new features but first and foremost was a change to the shaping of the MD4 wedges, which are now more compact and also feature straighter leading edges and slightly more offset, all of which will combine to create improved contact and more consistent results. That said, Callaway’s new Groove-In-Groove technology is also giving players the optimal spin they need to play any shot.

Best of all, however, when it comes to the MD4 wedges are the four sole grinds that are available, each of which will suit a certain type of player and course conditions. More specifically, the popular C, S, and W grinds that were available in the MD3 line are available again, while a new X Grind has been added to the lineup. It will work well for players with steeper angles of attack but also offer more shot-making versatility than most high-bounce wedges.

Callaway Epic Driver

GBB Epic is so-named because it represents an epic shift in how the head and face behave to enhance power, spearheaded by our innovative Jailbreak Technology and Exo-Cage/triaxial carbon construction. Any golfer, from scratch players to high handicappers, should find more speed, distance and control with GBB Epic.Increased Distance from Jailbreak Technology. Innovative new technology changes how the head and face behave at impact to promote more speed across a larger area of the face for increased average distance.

Callaway Epic Fairway

Like our new Epic drivers, GBB Epic fairway woods incorporate our revolutionary and proprietary triaxial carbon composite material to enhance forgiveness, power and accuracy in a huge way. Epic’s triaxial carbon crown weighs just 5.8g, making it an incredible 78% lighter than a steel crown.* The saved weight is redistributed into strategic locations within the head to maximize MOI and lower the CG, making Epic fairway woods extraordinarily easy to launch.

Callaway Epic Sub Zero Driver

GBB Epic Sub Zero heralds a true paradigm shift: A powerful, low-spinning Tour-level driver that’s also incredibly forgiving -- an unheard of combination. Its high speed / low-spin characteristics make it particularly appealing to Tour pros, yet Epic Sub Zero is so exceptionally forgiving and easy to launch that a wide range of players will want to play it. Two interchangeable weights in the head (2g and 12g) to adjust spin-rate and launch angle. Put the 12g up front to lower spin; in back for higher launch and higher MOI.

Callaway Epic Sub Zero Fairway

GBB Epic Sub Zero fairway woods are targeted at a wide range of golfers seeking increased distance and control in an adjustable, forgiving and highly playable fairway wood. The cornerstone of its performance is its extraordinarily light triaxial carbon crown, which allows for the lowest CG of any Callaway fairway wood. High Ball Speeds from Next-Gen Hyper Speed Face Cup. Fourth generation Hyper Speed Face Cup responds to off-center hits with greater efficiency to promote faster speed across more of the face.

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