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Scotty Cameron 2022 Phantom X Putters

Ever since their original release, Scotty Cameron’s Phantom X putters have received universal acclaim from both professionals and amateur golfers. The Phantom X models boast an elegant, modern look, superb consistency, and high MOI. Now, Cameron has released a new series of Phantom X putters that includes updates to the Phantom X 5 and 5.5 putters, new designs of the Phantom X 7 and 7.5 models, brand new Phantom X 9 and 9.5 models, and a renewed Phantom X 12 Putter.

Beginning Tuesday, May 31st, the 2022 Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5s, 11, and 11.5 models are available for pre-order.

Each Scotty Cameron Phantom X model features either a Mid Single Bend neck, best suited for golfers with minimal arc in their putting strokes, or a Small Slant neck, best for golfers with moderate arc in their putting strokes.

  • Phantom X 5: Mid Single Bend
  • Phantom X 5.5: Small Slant
  • Phantom X 7: Mid Single Bend
  • Phantom X 7.5: Small Slant
  • Phantom X 9: Mid Single Bend
  • Phantom X 9.5: Small Slant
  • Phantom X 12: Mid Single Bend

Titleist Vokey Design SM9 Wedges

Titleist Vokey Design SM9 Wedges

The most impactful technology found within the Titleist Vokey Design SM9 wedges is Forward Center of Gravity Progression. In the SM9 wedges, the center of gravity has been raised vertically. This unique concept promotes a lower, more controllable launch and more consistent distance. The grooves have been designed through a new Spin Milled cutting process, which includes a tightening of Titleist’s allowable tolerances to produce consistently sharper grooves. The grooves are also optimized for each loft, with the lower-lofted wedges featuring narrower, deeper grooves and the higher-lofted options equipped with wider, shallower grooves.

Important in choosing a Vokey Design SM9 wedge for your game is to select the right sole grind that matches your swing tendencies and playing conditions.

  • F Grind: Designed for square-face shots with a neutral-to-steep attack angle
  • M Grind: Versatile grind that allows golfers with shallow attack angles to open and close the clubface
  • S Grind: Best for players in neutral-to-firm conditions who like to manipulate the loft with their hands
  • D Grind: Versatile high-bounce grind for golfers with steep angles of attack who will open and close the clubface
  • K Grind: High-bounce, full-sole wedge designed for bunker shots and splash shots from soft turf conditions
  • L Grind: The lowest-bounce option that’s designed for the most skilled and most creative wedge players

Titleist 2021 T-Series Irons

The new Titleist 2021 T-Series features the manufacturer’s latest and greatest iron technology. The series boasts four different models, each of which targets a different type of golfer. Titleist’s T100 and T100s irons are both forged tour irons designed with the better player in mind. Both models sport a dual cavity design and Tour Contoured Sole for increased turf interaction and feel. The key difference between the T-Series’s “players irons” is the speed of the T100s irons, as each irons’ loft is two degrees stronger than its T100 counterpart.

The 2021 T200 irons are designed with certain aspects of both players and game-improvement irons in mind; the result is a club that delivers forgiveness, distance, and workability. Mid-handicap golfers hoping to add distance without sacrificing workability will be the most interested in the T200 irons. For those who desire maximum forgiveness, look no further than the T300 irons from Titleist. This model is the ultimate game-improvement iron designed to provide the best combination of distance, forgiveness, and accuracy to the high-handicap player. Both the T200 and T300 irons feature D18 Tungsten Weighting that boosts MOI and allows for precise CG placement.

Titleist T200 Long Irons

Titleist T200 Long Irons

Titleist has upped its game in the utility iron space over the past few years, beginning with the U500 and U510 utility irons in 2019. In 2021, Titleist has designed the T200 irons in the players-distance category so that it can perform as a full set for the low-to-mid handicap player, but also serve as a utility iron for the consistent ball striker. With this club, golfers will be able to generate hot ball speeds and low launch at the top of their iron sets with excellent workability.

The T200 Long Irons are built with the same technology as the standard T200 irons, including the updated Max Impact technology that offers superb distance and forgiveness. The Forged L-Face provides explosiveness off the face and a surprisingly soft sound and feel. Also key in the T200 Long Irons is the D18 tungsten weighting positioned in the toe and heel to improve stability at impact, especially on mis-hits.

Titleist U505 Utility Iron

Golfers seeking some extra distance, forgiveness, and launch at the top of the iron set without fully converting to a fairway wood or hybrid will gravitate towards the U505 Utility Iron. The technology within the U505 allows it to perform for any type of golfer, whether it is used off the tee or off the turf.

The Titleist U505 utility iron is loaded with technology features that provide explosive performance, many of the same technologies that are also found in the T300 irons. The U505 is headlined by Max Impact Technology, an internal framing that is designed for high-launching distance and forgiveness. Also included in the U505 is a forged, high COR SUP-10 L-Face and a high-resilience polymer core that combine to deliver superb feel and tremendous ball speeds across the entire clubface. Thanks to D18 tungsten weighting, the U505 also boasts excellent forgiveness and stability with a precisely-positioned center of gravity.

Titleist TSi1 and TSi4 Drivers

Titleist TSi1 and TSi4 Drivers

Back in 2020, Titleist produced two excellent drivers in the TSi2 and TSi3, but the manufacturer’s engineers have not rested on their laurels, as proven by their new slate of 2021 TSi products. Titleist’s TSi1 and TSi4 drivers not only sit on the cutting edge of innovation, but they are also designed for two different types of golfers. Similar to the TSi2 and TSi3 drivers, the TSi1 and TSi4 drivers’ clubfaces are constructed from ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium. Titleist is the only golf equipment manufacturer that uses this material, which has been used to build jet engines in recent years.

The Titleist TSi1 Driver is an ultra-lightweight club that, thanks to center of gravity positioning, is not only forgiving but is also Titleist’s most draw-biased driver ever. Although it sports a 460cc clubhead, the TSi1 is 40 grams lighter than most standard drivers and is optimal for golfers whose swing speeds do not exceed 90 miles per hour. The Titleist TSi4 Driver, meanwhile, features a classic, pear-shaped 430cc clubhead, and is the most workable driver in the TSi family. Thanks to a newly-thinned out titanium crown, Titleist’s engineers were able to push the TSi4’s weight low and forward to reduce the club’s spin numbers. The TSi4’s low spinning nature and compact profile make it ideal for lower handicap golfers.

Titleist TSi2 and TSi3 Hybrids

Titleist’s TSi2 and TSi3 hybrids provide the perfect complements to the TSi family’s driver and metal wood options. Both of the hybrids feature Carpenter 455 forged faces and Titleist’s patented SureFit hosel, which features 16 different loft and lie settings. Despite some technological similarities, the clubs are designed for distinctly different golfers.

The Titleist TSi2 Hybrid is a high-launching, mid-to-low-spinning hybrid that performs and looks more wood-like than iron-like. The TSi2 is more forgiving than the TSi3 and is perfect for those who prefer a larger profile and strike the ball with a sweeping motion. On the other hand, the TSi3 features a compact, squarer profile and produces a lower-spinning, flatter trajectory. The Titleist TSi3 is more iron-like than the TSi2 and is best for golfers who hit down on the ball.

Titleist TSi1 Fairway Metals

Titleist TSi1 Fairway Metals

With the TSi1, Titleist set out to make a fairway metal for the golfer who typically struggles with that type of club in his or her hands. The TSi1 is 50 grams lighter than standard fairway metals, but Titleist was able to achieve this weight by removing 10 grams of weight from the clubhead. At the same time, no MOI was sacrificed, meaning the fairway metal remains as forgiving as it is fast.

Titleist’s engineers positioned the TSi1’s center of gravity deep in the back of the club, which allows golfers to launch the ball up into the air with ease. The TSi1’s high-launch properties, fast ball speeds, and superior forgiveness are a great fit for mid-to-high handicap golfers with moderate swing speeds.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrids

The Titleist TSi1 hybrid is the most forgiving hybrid ever produced by the manufacturer due to its large sole and high MOI. Relative to standard hybrids, the TSi1 is 20 grams lighter and has a very low center of gravity. The TSi1 is the most wood-like hybrid in the TSi family, as evidenced by its generous profile and its high-launch attributes.

The Titleist’s TSi1’s streamlined shape reduces aerodynamic drag, an innovation that increases clubhead speed and distance. The hybrid’s optimized weight distribution maximizes off-center ball speed, a huge benefit for golfers who do not always hit the ball on the clubface’s sweet spot. These features pair perfectly with the Titleist TSi1 Hybrid’s large profile and make it optimal for higher handicap golfers.

Titleist TSi Drivers

Titleist TSi Drivers

The new TSi series from Titleist builds on the TS series that added significant ball speed for golfers. Key to the construction of the new TSi2 and TSi3 drivers is a new shape and a new face. The new shape features a more rounded toe that wraps more around the crown, while the new clubface is made from a rare, high-strength material called ATI 425 (Aerospace Titanium) that will add energy at impact and increase ball speed all across the face. The TSi2 has a larger profile and a lower, deeper center of gravity designed to improve launch and forgiveness.

The TSi3, meanwhile, has many of the same innovations as the TSi2, including the new shape and new face. With that said, the TSi3s clubhead is more compact to form a more traditional shape that promotes more workability. Additionally, the TSi3 also features the new SureFit Track in the back of the clubhead that allows for five center-of-gravity adjustments: one in the neutral position, two in the heel for a draw bias, and two in the toe for a fade bias. Of course, both the TSi2 and TSi3 also come with Titleist’s SureFit adjustable hosel that adds 16 unique loft and lie adjustments to fit any swing.

Titleist TSi Fairway Woods

The Titleist TSi fairway woods are built with the same philosophy and methods as the drivers, also including a tweaked shape and a refined Active Recoil Channel to improve ball speeds on contact made anywhere on the clubface. Plus, the TSi2 and TSi3 fairway woods also include the Titleist SureFit hosel for 16 adjustments to loft and lie angle. The TSi2 is the more forgiving model with a larger profile and deeper center of gravity.

The TSi3 fairway wood offers a more compact clubhead shape that is designed to promote workability. Plus, the TSi3 includes a new SureFit weight plate on the sole that allows golfers to manipulate the center of gravity through three weight positions to promote a neutral, draw, or fade trajectory.

Titleist T100S Irons

Titleist T100S Irons

Titleist T100 irons are the most played irons on global tours around the world, but in an effort to bring what golfers love about T100 to a wider range of players, Titleist has created the new T100S irons. More specifically, through the set, the T100S irons are two degrees stronger in loft than the T100s. But they haven’t just been bent stronger, as that would create unwanted changes in offset, bounce, and turf interaction.

Instead, the T100S irons were engineered with the new lofts in mind while staying completely true to the size, shape, and feel of the T100s. The end result is a compact, foged players iron that will provide low- and mid-handicap golfers who are in need of more distance with the extra yards that they’re looking for. And of course, for an iron in this category, like the T100s, the T100S irons will maintain an impressive level of forgiveness on off-center strikes.

Titleist T400 Irons

New from Titleist are the T400 irons, which represent Titleist’s first-ever entry into the super game-improvement iron category. Much like the U-510 utility irons, the T400s were created with a wide-body design that enables a low, deep CG position to help moderate swing speed players improve their launch conditions. The T400s also feature a hollow construction, which allows for enhanced perimeter weighting and a thinner clubface that promotes faster ball speeds.

Also of note, nearly 100 grams of high-density tungsten weight has been incorporated in the T400 design to increase MOI and provide a softer sound and feel than one might expect from an iron in this category. Progressive blade lengths, sole widths, and hosel lengths also ensure optimal performance from each iron through the set, and a new Split Sole design helps provide better turf interaction, especially with the short irons.

Vokey SM8 Wedges

Vokey SM8 Wedges

New from Titleist and Bob Vokey are SM8 wedges, which feature a dramatic shift in technology to improve performance. Most notably, CG positions in the SM8 lineup have been moved forward to help golfers square the clubface more easily at impact and enjoy more consistent trajectory, as well as improved feel. Additionally, the Spin Milled Grooves utilized in SM8 have been individually cut and each groove is inspected to ensure that it conforms to USGA rules.

There are six tour-proven sole grinds available in the SM8 line to meet the needs of golfers as it relates to the shots they want to play around the green, the conditions where they play most frequently, and how they deliver the club at impact. There are also three unique finishes -- Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, and Jet Black -- to choose from, and Vokey SM8 wedges are available in lofts ranging from 46 to 62 degrees.

Scotty Cameron Special Select Putters

Brand new from Scotty Cameron for 2020 is the Cameron Special Select putter lineup, a collection of eight high-end blade and mid-mallet designs. Through the years, Select models have been some of the most iconic putters that Cameron has created, and they represent some of the most popular shapes in golf. For 2020, the renowned putter designer relied more heavily on Tour feedback, which resulted in the sleeker profiles that the world's best want to see.

Each Special Select putter is milled from premium 303 stainless steel, and customizable sole weights allow players to create the exact balance that they’re looking for in their stroke. Included in the eight models that are available is the Newport 2, which has been made famous by Tiger Woods’ success with that classic blade design. The Newport, the Newport 2.5, the Squareback 2, the Fastback 1.5, the Flowback 5 and 5.5, and the Del Mar round out the 2020 collection.

T-Series Irons

T-Series Irons

Titleist had an incredible run of more than a decade with its AP iron franchise, but based on the latest irons it has developed felt it was time to introduce a new name with the new product line. Meet the brand new T-Series. There are three unique models -- T100, T200, and T300 -- for golfers to choose from within the T-Series family, and each option features significant new technology to give its target players optimal performance.

The T100 is a forged players iron that Titleist expects to be its No. 1 iron on professional tours around the world. It was built for precision but tungsten weight in the heel and toe make it more forgiving and stable than its appearance suggests. The T200, meanwhile, is a players distance iron that will deliver exceptional ball speed and MOI in a more compact shape, while the T300 is a game-improvement iron that will excel in terms of distance, forgiveness, and launch.

Titleist 620 Irons

Also enjoying a name change are the newest iterations of Titleist’s MB and CB irons, but this particular nomenclature isn’t actually new, rather a blast from the past. In an effort to pay homage to the iconic 600 Series players irons that it released in the early and mid 2000s, Titleist is calling its new models the 620 MB and 620 CB. What hasn’t changed, however, is that both of these irons were created for better players who are premium ball-strikers.

Forged from 1025 carbon steel to offer exceptional feel, the 620 MB and CB irons feature thin toplines, minimal offset, and narrow soles, attributes that allow players to control distance, shot shape, and trajectory. That said, progressive blade lengths provide some forgiveness in the long irons, and the CB’s 3- and 4-iron feature tungsten to help with launch and stability. The shaping of both irons has also been modified to make blending then as a combo set more seamless.

TS Hybrids

TS Hybrids

As Titleist perfected the technology for and designs of its TS drivers and fairways, it also found ways to unlock hybrid performance, which led to the new TS2 and TS3 hybrids. Most notable about both new models is that they feature clubfaces that are 16 percent thinner, which leads to significant ball speed gains. Additionally, weight that was saved in constructing the face was redistributed in the clubhead to increase MOI by 10 percent when compared to the 818 hybrids.

While those are shared technologies in the TS2 and TS3 hybrids, each is its own animal. The TS2 has a slightly larger profile and was designed for players with more shallow angles of attack who prefer to sweep the ball from the turf, while the TS3 has a smaller footprint and additional offset to drive performance for those who hit down on the ball aggressively with a hybrid. Also of note, the TS3 features Titleist’s SureFit CG to help players achieve their ideal shot shape.

Titleist U-Series Utility Irons

As utility irons grow in popularity among professional golfers and recreational players alike, Titleist made it a top priority to upgrade its offerings in that emerging category. The result is the new U-500 and U-510 utility irons, both of which have been created to give players of all ability levels viable alternatives to traditional long irons or hybrids as clubs that provide distance, naturally high launch conditions, and forgiveness.

Fueling the performance of each model is more than 90 grams of tungsten that has been positioned in the heel and toe to promote effortless launch and high MOI, while a forged SUP10 face insert delivers exceptional ball speed from across the clubface. Of the two, the U-500 is more compact and features less offset and a thinner topline. The U-510, meanwhile, is larger in size and its wider sole enables higher launch for players with more of a sweeping action.

Titleist TS4 Driver

Titleist TS4 Drivers

Bolstering the highly successful TS driver lineup from Titleist is the new TS4, which was created for high-spin golfers who need to lower their spin rates to maximize distance. The TS4 features a CG position that is 5mm closer to the clubface than it is in TS2, which combines with Titleist’s SureFit Flatweight to reduce spin and produce a flatter trajectory that has proven in the testing Titleist has conducted to be incredibly consistent in terms of dispersion.

Also unique about the TS4 is its more compact, 430cc profile, which offers a couple of benefits. First, the smaller, tour-inspired shape is more aerodynamic, allowing players to create more clubhead speed. Second, it gives golfers the ability to shape shots more easily. Like the other TS drivers, the TS4 also features the thinnest crown and clubface that Titleist has ever constructed, both of which help produce faster ball speeds from across the clubface.

Titleist TS1 Drivers

The TS1 represents Titleist entering a new space for the company in the driver market. The TS1 was built exclusively for players with moderate swing speeds who are in need of distance to make the game more enjoyable. The TS1 is delivering that distance in multiple ways. A thin, high-speed clubface is producing more ball speed, while the overall weight of the driver, at just 275 grams, helps players who need added clubhead speed create it effortlessly.

Titleist recommends the TS1 for players who swing a driver at less than 85 MPH and average 220 yards or less off the tee. The TS1 features a lightweight crown design to help move the CG low and deep in the head to provide higher launch and maximum carry, and lightweight shaft and grip options were specifically chosen to optimize performance. Additionally, a more streamlined shape further helps players create more clubhead speed during the swing.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putters

Scotty Cameron Phantom X

Scotty Cameron is probably best known for the blade-style putters he designs, but in recent years he has also had tremendous success with high-MOI modern mallets. New for 2019 from Titleist and Scotty Cameron is the Phantom X lineup, which will be replacing the Futura line in the Cameron family of putters. There will be nine new models in all in the Phantom X line, all of which have been designed to provide players with exceptional stability on off-center strikes.

From a technological standpoint, each Phantom X putter has been constructed using premium materials, including soft 303 stainless steel and 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, which combine to provide optimal weighting and balance. Additionally, new, tour-inspired alignment aids have been utilized to help players set up properly and start the ball more frequently on their intended target line, and there are multiple shaft bend options to work with any player’s stroke type.

Titleist TS Drivers

More speed. That was far and away the No. 1 goal for Titleist engineers when it came to creating the new TS2 and TS3 drivers. And based on early adoption by Titleist Tour players, it would appear as if that goal has been realized. Making more ball speed possible is a new, thinner clubface that features variable face thickness to also provide better ball speed protection on off-center strikes. Additionally, the thinnest crown that Titleist has ever utilized in a driver has allowed for a low, deep CG position that promotes high MOI, effortless launch, and low spin.

While TS2 and TS3 share technologies, they also have unique differences. TS2 features a modern, expanded footprint, as well as a fixed CG position, which combine to promote maximum forgiveness. TS3, meanwhile, offers a traditional shape that will encourage workability, as well as Titleist’s SureFit CG, which gives players the ability to move the center of gravity to achieve their ideal launch, spin, and flight conditions. And finally, both drivers have been designed to reduce air drag by 20 percent, which promotes more clubhead speed.

Titleist TS Fairways

Titleist TS Fairways

As is the case with the TS drivers, speed is the name of the game when it comes to the new TS2 and TS3 fairway woods. And while these fairways are producing faster ball speeds than their 917 predecessors, where they truly excel is in terms of maintaining ball speed on off-center strikes. That combination of speed and forgiveness has been made possible by a thinner clubface and a newly modified Active Recoil Channel. Additionally, a crown that is 30 percent thinner allowed weight to be repositioned to dramatically increase MOI.

In terms of where the TS2 and TS3 differ, there are parallels to the driver models. The TS2 fairways have a more modern, expanded footprint that promotes maximum forgiveness. They also feature a fixed CG position that encourages high launch and low spin for optimal distance. The TS3 fairways, meanwhile, feature SureFit CG technology to help players customize their launch and spin conditions, and a slightly more traditional shape will also make it easier for players to work the ball when they want.

Scotty Cameron 2018 Select Putters

Scotty Cameron’s emergence as the most renowned puttermaker in the world has long been highlighted by his Select line, which features classic blade and mid-mallet designs that are played by many of the best players in the game on professional tours around the world. Brand new from Cameron is the 2018 Select line, which features seven different models for players to choose from, including cult classics like the Newport, Newport 2, and Laguna.

The 2018 Select lineup features exciting modifications when compared to the 2016 line. Most notably, Cameron has moved the balance point in the sole slightly forward to ensure that each putter sits square at address, which also makes it easier for players to align correctly. Additionally, more vibration dampening material has been utilized to create optimal feel and a softer sound while still providing players with the valuable feedback they want on mis-hits. What hasn’t changed, however, are the stylish look and tour-proven performance for which Cameron putters have long been known.

In terms of fitting options, as has always been the case with the Select line, 2018 Select putters will work best for players with varying degrees of arc in their stroke. The Laguna, Newport 3, and Newport 2.5 will work especially well for those with more significant arcs in their stroke, while the new Fastback and Squareback models will work best for those with minimal arc in their stroke. And of course, there’s also the iconic Newport and Newport 2 blades, which are perfect choices for golfers with a putting stroke that features a moderate arc.

Vokey Design SM7 Wedges

Vokey Design wedges from Titleist and renowned wedge maker Bob Vokey have been the dominant force in their space for more than a decade, a trend that is almost certain to continue with the release of the brand new SM7 lineup, which in a short period of time has enjoyed unprecedented early adoption on professional tours around the world. What has made SM7 wedges so popular so quickly? It’s simple really: exquisite craftsmanship, consistent performance, exceptional feel, and unmatched fitting options to meet the needs of any player.

In terms of performance, Vokey’s use of progressive centers of gravity based on loft are allowing players to enjoy improved distance and trajectory control, along with a crisp, solid sound and feel at impact. Additionally, the Spin Milled grooves utilized in each design are not only creating more spin across the line but they’re also created the optimal spin that players need to execute whatever shot they’re faced with.

But it’s the fitting options that players have to choose from that continue to make Vokey wedges a favorite among touring pros and recreational players alike. In the SM7 line between the six sole grinds that are available, including the brand new D Grind, and all of the different loft options, there are a total of 23 different combinations to choose from. What does that mean for the average golfer? It means no matter how you deliver the club at impact or what your short game weaknesses are or what type of course conditions you typically encounter that there are Vokey wedges that are perfect for your game.

718 AP1 Irons - Order Now
Perfect for players: 15+ Handicap

New progressive construction from hollow-body long irons to undercut cavity mid and short irons provides the best combination of distance and trajectory for each individually-designed iron.

Thin, fast, unsupported face inserts generate explosive ball speed for more distance. Hollow-body long irons, inspired by R&D’s development of the Titleist Concept C16 iron models, maximize carry distance on longer shots into the green.

Available irons: 4-P, 48º, 53º

718 Ap2 Irons
718 AP2 Irons - Order Now
Perfect for players: 0-15 Handicap

Forgiveness and stability are delivered through precise perimeter weighting and a unique co-forged construction pioneered by Titleist R&D, with an average of 57.4 grams of high-density tungsten placed in the heel and toe of the long and mid irons. New high-density tungsten caps co-forged into the perimeter further increase MOI for maximum forgiveness at the AP2’s constant, tour-preferred blade length.

Tour-preferred profile offers proven look, sound and pure forged feel with a refined leading edge for more efficient turf interaction and consistent contact.

Available irons: 3-P, 50º

718 AP3 IRONS - Order Now
Perfect for players: 0-15 Handicap

Hollow-blade construction combined with a thin, unsupported L-Face insert launches long and high with shot-stopping spin – even on longer shots.

High-MOI design – with an average of 84.9 grams of tungsten per head, placed low and in the toe of the long and mid irons – produces higher ball speeds across the face, providing the off-center distance performance of a game improvement iron.

New, preferred player’s shape appeals to golfers needing distance and forgiveness while maintaining control and solid feel.

Available irons: 3-P, 48º

718 CB Irons
718 CB Irons - Order Now
Perfect for players: 8 Handicap or Better

Classic but modern cavity back packed with high-density tungsten – an average of 74.8 grams precisely placed in the heel and toe in the long and mid irons – creates higher ball speeds across the face for more consistent distance on off-center hits. New tungsten caps co-forged into the perimeter further increase MOI for maximum forgiveness without the loss of workability or shot control at the CB’s constant, tour-preferred blade length.

Optimized CG heights, low with a slight progression up through the set, deliver precise, tour-proven trajectory, while increasing the sweet spot for solid feel.

Available irons: 2-P

718 MB Irons - Order Now
Perfect for players: 2 Handicap or Better

Advanced muscle-back design delivers tour-proven flight with maximum shot and trajectory control. Strategically designed CG locations deliver superior shotmaking and responsive feedback.

High muscle-back weighting, optimally positioned behind the sweet spot, provides pure, forged feel on every shot. Each MB iron is forged from a single billet of carbon steel for the purist look, sound and feel.

Available irons: 3-P

718 T-MB Irons - Order Now
Perfect for players: 0-15 Handicap

The most high-density tungsten in the Titleist 718 lineup – with an average of 93.9 grams precisely placed in the heel and toe – optimizes launch and spin to produce higher shots that go far and land soft.

High-MOI design increases off-center ball speed for forgiveness while delivering stability and tour-validated feel. Improved leading edge pre-wear creates more efficient turf interaction for more consistent contact.

Available irons: 2-P, 50º

818 H1 Hybrids - Order Now

For golfers with a sweeping delivery to the ball and prefer the look of a fairway metal. High launch, easy distance, and tremendous forgiveness positions H1 as a scoring club, not a rescue club.

When was the last time you were thinking up and down from 215 yards out? With the introduction of SureFit CG combined with our industry-leading SureFit Hosel, you can count on maximum shot-shape customization, allowing you to take dead aim from shots you never have before. 818 hybrids are not rescue clubs -- they’re scoring clubs.

818 H2 Hybrids - Order Now

For golfers with a steeper delivery to the ball and prefer the look of an iron. Player preferred launch, precise distance, and iron-like control positions H2 as a scoring club, not a rescue club.

Active Recoil Channel™ 2.0 generates faster ball speeds through its improved channel and flexing polymer insert, producing a significant advantage in carry distance and making these our longest, most consistent hybrids ever.

917 D2 Drivers 917 D3 Drivers

There is more Adjustability in the 917 D2 & D3 drivers that features the new SureFit CG adjustment tools to set the driver up for Draw, Fade, or Neutral in addition to the Titleist SureFit Hosel adjustments. The Sound of these drivers has been tour validated to inspire confidence and feel.

917 F2 Fairway 917 F3 Fairway

The Titleist 917 F2 & F3 Fairways are designed to deliver the most complete performing fairways to date. All around playability combined with enhanced forgiveness are built into a larger profile fairway wood.

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