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Honma TWORLD GS Driver

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    Honma TWORLD GS Driver
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  2. Honma TWORLD GS Driver 10.5° Vizard 65 Graphite Stiff Right Handed 45.75in
    Honma Driver
    WAS $499.99
    Dexterity: Right
    Loft: 10.5°
    Flex: Stiff
    Shaft: Vizard 63
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2 Items

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Backed by state-of-the-art technology, T//World GS drivers are beautifully designed to bring straighter ball flight and longer distance to a wide range of golfers.


FLIP SLOT: TW//GS driver features Flip Slot technology to maximize face flexure and reduce spin for more speed and additional forgiveness.

RADIAL FACE: Designed with a radial face structure to dynamically flex all parts of the club face to maximize speed regardless of where it is struck on the face.

KEEL DESIGN & WEIGHT: Shaped with a raised keel towards the heel to promote draw-biased flight and increase MOI.

HOLISTIC PERFORMANCE: Ultra-thin titanium crown works with Flip Slot to maintain strength and rigidity of the driver's construction while maximizing flexure of the club face to gain as much speed as possible.

PERFECTLY POSITIONED: Non-rotating hosel technology keeps the shaft perfectly aligned through all adjustable loft-lie settings.

PURPOSEFUL ALIGNMENT: Integrated heel-bias crown graphic is applied to encourage golfers to return the club face to square at impact.

TAKUMI SHAPED: 60 year history of craftsmanship and experience used to design the best looking drivers in the game.